Venipak invested one million euros in the network of parcel machines in Estonia

  • 2023-09-11

Venipak‘s expansion in Estonia, when the company started to build up a network of 151 parcel machines, is being completed. Total investment in the network in Estonia amounted to about 1 million euros. Venipak has connected all three Baltic countries into a common network of 600 parcel machines in total. At the moment, Venipak's immediate plans are related to e-commerce commercial wholesaler purchased in Netherlands and further development in the western direction.

"Over the past few years, we have invested about 5 million euros in the development of the network of parcel machines in the Baltic countries alone. The customers have access to a network of 600 contactless parcel machines – in addition to Estonia, in Lithuania 251 and in Latvia 201 machines. We also updated the parcel sorting terminals and expanded the fulfillment infrastructure. Today, we can safely say that we already have a fully developed service package and infrastructure in the Baltic countries, which allows us to deliver a shipment to any Baltic country in the most convenient way for the customer in just 24 hours," says Venipak CEO Justas Šablinskas.

The deal accelerates expansion to the West

At the end of May, the company announced that it had acquired e-commerce wholesaler "Strengholt Entertainment BV" and adding wholesale e-commerce to its business model. At the same time, new opportunities have opened up for the business of the Baltic countries to trade on the largest European and global e-commerce platforms.

"This transaction became an impetus for us to expand to the West, especially in terms of e-fulfillment. We have created a strong service in the Baltic countries, we feel a great need from e-commerce businesses, so we want to expand it to other countries and at the same time help our customers grow. By adding logistics channels to the infrastructure of Strengholt Entertainment BV, we will be able to offer our customers - businesses and end users - fast delivery of goods, regardless of where they are. Fast and high-quality service is extremely important for consumers today," comments the head of Venipak.

The way to the world for Baltic business

According to Šablinskas, after the transaction, clients have relied on Venipak's services in the trade with such brands as Amazon, Allegro, Zalando, Discogs, etc., as well as physical stores like Aldi, Lidl, Action etc.

“This means that Venipak will facilitate the introduction of customers' products into overseas markets – the US, Europe, Asia – through integrations with Amazon and other commerce platforms and supply chains. Also e-fulfillment service, which will ensure that the goods will be closer to the customer,“ says the company's CEO.

According to the manager, e-commerce business, in cooperation with Venipak, will experience less risk of entering new markets.

About Venipak Group 

Founded two decades ago in Lithuania, delivery company Venipak has quickly grown into an international company and now has a presence in the Baltics, Poland, and China, also covering worldwide delivery through partners' networks. It provides parcel delivery, efulfillment, and air freight services. Venipak operates more than 1000 lockers and pick-up points in the Baltic states and develops premium class efulfillment services for e-commerce in the Baltics and Poland and expanding the network to other European countries.