Venipak, which is building up a network of parcel machines in Estonia, joined the E-commerce Association

  • 2023-05-18

The international logistics company Venipak is a new member of the Estonian E-commerce Association.

According to Martten Kaldvee, Head of Sales at Venipak Estonia, joining the E-Commerce Association is a logical step for the rapidly expanding Venipak. "The association has proved to be an active organization that stands for the development of the sector. A good example are regular E-Mondays, which help to popularize online shopping. As the data of the E-commerce Association shows, online sales are on a clear growth path: In the Q1, 3.3 million parcels moved through Estonian parcel machines, which was over 400,000 parcels, or 14.4% more than in the Q1 last year, when 2.9 million parcel were ordered," said Kaldvee.

Tõnu Väät, CEO of the E-Commerce Association, said: "Even though Estonia is in the forefront of Europe in terms of the ration of population to the parcel machines, Estonia can definitely accommodate more players. With the addition of 151 Venipak parcel machines, there will already be more than 1,000 parcel machines in Estonia, which will clearly help e-commerce, to receive parcels even faster and choose from different providers. Competition is definitely a driving force. Welcome and good luck to Venipak too!" said Väät.

In addition to Estonian companies and private individuals, Venipak offers efficient logistics solutions in other Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, USA and China. Venipak is establishing a new network of contactless parcel machines in Estonia. By now, Venipak has installed 90 parcel machines across Estonia, or more than half of the planned 151 machines. Parcel machines work both in larger cities such as Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Haapsalu and in smaller places such as Märjamaa, Aseri, Ülenurme, Pärnu-Jaagupi.

Venipak also offers to e-shops fulfilment service, which includes storage, packaging and shipping of e-shop goods to customers.

Venipak Group

Founded in 2004, the international company Venipak offers efficient parcel logistics solutions to businesses and private customers in the Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, the USA and China. The Venipak parcel network is today available to customers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Venipak plans to develop a network of nearly 2,000 pick-up points, including parcel terminals, over the next few years, and to become one of the largest parcel delivery networks in the Baltics.