US opens up to vaccinated tourists, travelers with children might face challenges

  • 2021-10-29
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – The United States will lift the existing travel restrictions from November 8 and will open up to vaccinated tourists, including those from Lithuania. But travelers with children might face challenges.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Ivna Giauque, a consul at the US Embassy in Vilnius, said all adults traveling to America would have to be vaccinated and have a negative coronavirus test done no later than three days ago.

The rules will not apply to minors who will need a negative test done no later than a day ago.

"Travelers under 18 are not required to be vaccinated because the US government understands that vaccines for children around the world are not necessarily accessible or approved. (…) Children under two will not have to be tested," the consul said.

"Yes, it is a challenge in some countries to get the test results within the same day. I think that these details are still being worked out with the CDC," she added.

The rules, however, do not state as yet what kind of tests, PGR or antigen, need to be done, Giauque said.

Moreover, people travelling to America will be required to provide information on their contacts.

"That is an addition to the requirements to be vaccinated and present a negative test. Passengers will have to complete their basic contact information for the airlines to have," the consul said, adding that travelers should look for addition information on which form and how to fill and whom to provide on the website.

The consul also pointed out that travelers would be required to have been vaccinated with vaccines approved by the FDA or the WHO. The vaccines currently used in Lithuania meet those requirements.

Vaccination information will have to be provided in a written or digital form. The US administration is aware of the EU digital travel certificates, therefore, this document should also be accepted, Giauque said.

The new global rules will replace the existing travel ban for people from 33 countries to come to the United States. They include Schengen Area countries, the UK, Brazil, China, India, Iran, Ireland and South Africa.