Unique Tet OTT platform with TV channel “a la carte” feature available as a white label

  • 2021-12-14

Latvian technology and entertainment company Tet has developed a unique “a la carte” OTT platform Tet+ that allows customers to personalise their TV package and combine it with streaming services. The solution is now also available as a white label concept, enabling enterprises to use the technology under their own brands. The platform has already reported positive results in Tet’s home market in Latvia with over 70% of new customers choosing to subscribe to Tet+.

Digital TV Research predicts that global OTT (over-the-top) industry revenues will double by 2026, amounting to USD 210 billion compared to 106 billion in 2020.

“When creating the Tet+ platform, we took into account the growing demand for highly personalised content and conducted over 700 user tests to ensure that the solution interface fully meets the needs of our customers,” says Inga Alika-Stroda, Director of Entertainment Services Business at Tet. Considering the development of the global OTT market, whose growth has also been influenced by the pandemic, changes in consumer behaviour as well as understanding the pain points of telecommunication companies facing strategic decisions like OTT platform, Tet decided to offer the OTT technology to the market as a white label product. “The main reasons to choose a ready-made platform are that its implementation takes no more than 6 months, while independent development of a solution from scratch can take several years. In addition, companies don’t have to worry about platform support and service and can focus on their core business and customers.”

Tet+ platform  an OTT solution

OTT technology is a cloud-based streaming solution, which guarantees the most tailored content viewing experience, as well as a wide variety of content genres and categories.

Tet is the leader on the Latvian OTT market with nearly 2 million customers. Companies first OTT streaming project was launched in 2016 and included a cable solution with a package of the most popular TV channels, as well as standalone SVOD and TVOD (1) services. To create the new platform, Tet carried out extensive research and surveyed consumers to predict the subscriber needs and deliver a better user experience.

Since the platform was introduced in Latvia in the spring of 2021, over 70% of companies who also offers IPTV and terrestrial TV, new customers have chosen the Tet+ platform: 61% prefer to compose their own television package, and 82% highly value “a la carte” technology and find it useful.

Features of Tet+

The Tet+ platform supports up to five devices (SMART TVs, smartphones, and tablets) with the option to create five unique accounts offering the keep watching function. Tet+ combines TV channels, in-house digital content and third-party content. In addition, the platform makes it possible to select channels, as well as add a subscription to streaming films and series.

The “a la carte” principle is based on a unique system of points, in other words viewers can independently create and save their own lists of frequently watched TV channels. “The Tet+ platform has a so-called internal currency or points. Each channel has its own ‘price’ in points, and the user can decide how to spend their points as desired with the opportunity to make changes at any time,” says Alika-Stroda. In Latvia, the platform also offers HBO studio content in addition to TV channels, local and international content. The development plans also include the ability to aggregate subscriptions of various streaming services.

No.1 TV service provider in Latvia

Now Tet occupies a leading position on the Latvian television market. The company has two main areas of activity: business solutions (cloud services, data centres, cybersecurity, internet for business, maintenance of computer equipment, etc.), as well as consumer solutions (OTT, owned TV channels, creation of own content, internet for home, electricity, etc.).

(1) Subscription video on demand; transactional video on demand