Ukrainian refugees to be provided with free meals and accommodation for 30 more days

  • 2022-05-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ukrainian war refugees that have arrived in Latvia will be provided with free meals and accommodation for 30 more days, according to amendments to the law on support for Ukrainian civilians drafted by the Economics Ministry. 

The support period has been extended by another 30 days for those Ukrainian civilians who had applied to receive the support for 90 days before May 31. 

That means, for instance, a Ukrainian civilian who started receiving the primary urgent 90-day support on May 25 or any other date before May 31, will be able to receive it for 30 more days if needed once the 90-day period has ended. 

Meanwhile, those Ukrainian civilians who will apply to receive primary urgent support, which includes accommodation and food, from June 1, will be provided free accommodation for 90 days and free meals for 30 days. 

The Economics Ministry said that the new support measure would cost up to EUR 8.475 million, which includes up to EUR 5.085 accommodation costs and up to EUR 3.39 million food costs. The money will be provided from the budget program Funds for Unforeseen Events.