Ukrainian refugees face new challenges in Europe, pushing the NGO EU4UA to offer new services

  • 2023-09-26

MARSEILLE — After helping 20 000 Ukrainian families to find accommodation, EU4UA, a French non-profit #tech4good platform, is launching a number of free of cost features designed to address the critical needs of the community of the Ukrainian refugees. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Ukrainians in Europe, EU4UA's co-living matching, free emergency housing and job opportunities aim to provide not just immediate relief but sustainable support for their journey ahead.

Reimagining Accommodation with a Co-Living Service

The numbers speak volumes - 44% of Ukrainian refugees citing securing accommodation as a pressing concern and immediate need. Nearly one third of respondents stated they rent a place but the prices for accommodation are too high for them. Among this group, 32% were women moving to Europe alone.  

EU4UA's Roommates Feature answers this need by fostering connections and shared living experiences. By matching individuals, this tool eases the financial burden, allowing Ukrainians to find affordable housing while building connections that offer a sense of unity and belonging, especially for single refugees who came to Europe without their families.

To find roommates, users need to create a profile on the website and provide basic information about themselves. After filling out a short questionnaire with all the requirements for a co-tenant, the profile becomes available to other users and there is an opportunity to write to potential roommates.

Registered users can simplify the search for a roommate by applying filters: country and city, length of lease, gender, presence of children, pets, and set the maximum amount they are willing to spend on housing rent.

Empowering Through Jobs: Unlocking Opportunities on the Global Stage

Among the top needs identified by Ukrainian refugees, 52% highlighted the importance of finding a job. The desire to reinforce their skills and regain financial stability is a key for this community. While 23% have already found employment in their new countries, many are still seeking opportunities.

EU4UA's strategic partnership with Jobgether addresses this vital need. With over 3,500 remote job opportunities available for Ukrainians in various sectors, this collaboration provides a gateway to the global labor market. It empowers Ukrainian talents to work from their homeland, or abroad and contribute to local growth while overcoming the barriers of geographic relocation.

"Jobgether is deeply committed to this cause, recognizing the immense talent and potential within the Ukrainian community. Our partnership with EU4UA is not just about finding jobs; it's about empowering skilled Ukrainian talents with opportunities that offer stability and career advancement without the need for relocation," emphasizes Arnaud Devigne, Co-Founder of EU4UA and Jobgether.

EU4UA's Ongoing Commitment

As EU4UA prepares to unveil more transformative features in addition to the existing ones working closely with its strategic tech partner Capitole, both reaffirm its dedication to elevating the lives of Ukrainian refugees in Europe. 

"As we witness the ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees in Europe, Capitole stands firmly alongside EU4UA in their mission to provide essential support and services to this community.  Together, we will continue to work towards building bridges, fostering connections, and creating opportunities that will help this community thrive and empower them for a brighter and more stable future." mentions Olivier Pichou, CEO of Capitole.

In the future, the EU4UA platform, partnering with Jobgether and Capitole plans to scale existing features and add more focus on job opportunities (45% of Ukrainians in Europe are still unemployed), community-building (50% indicated that they lack social connections) and supporting services to empower ukrainians in Europe on their journey, supporting their resilience, and fostering a brighter and more stable future.

It's noteworthy that 66% of Ukrainian refugees plan to return to Ukraine eventually, demonstrating the resilience and determination to rebuild their homeland. This sentiment underscores the importance of EU4UA's initiatives in supporting both immediate needs and the long-term aspirations of this community.

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About EU4UA

EU4UA is a visionary #tech4good platform committed to transforming the lives of Ukrainian refugees abroad. Over 7 million Ukrainians were forced to flee Ukraine because of the unjustified war started by Russia. Today, around 2 million still stay in Europe because it is unsafe to return.

That's why EU4UA's main mission is to help Ukrainians to 'settle down' in Europe - to find temporary accommodation and create a sense of belonging to the new community. The platform works like a matching website to connect Ukrainians who need shelter or look for jobs with local hosts and companies. All platform's features are completely free for all users.

In 2022 EU4UA was selected as “Top-5 most impactful projects to help Ukrainians” by TED Conferences.