Ukrainian real estate portal: Highest real estate prices of Baltics in Tallinn

  • 2018-05-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – According to the Marketplace real estate portal operating on the Ukrainian market, the highest average price of real estate per square meter across the capitals of the Baltic countries is in Tallinn.

Last year, the average price of a square meter of housing in Tallinn was 1,700 euros and rose 12 percent on year. Now the average price has risen to approximately 1,800 euros per square meter. If the Estonian market is analyzed across cities, the cheapest real estate is in Moisakula -- approximately 40 euros per square meter. The price varies between 168-1,700 euros per square meter across counties, Marketplace said.

The price of one square meter in Riga is on average 1,390 euros. Growth of the last month was 1 percent, unlike Tallinn where the growth of the last month was 7.5 percent. The price of one square meter 30-50 kilometers away from Riga is on average 524 euros. There is high demand for used apartments in Riga -- 700-900 euros per square meter -- or studio apartments.

The average price of one square meter in Vilnius is 1,500 euros and prices rose in the last six months. Thus, growth was 4.8 percent in Kaunas, 3.1 percent in Panevezyses, 2.4 percent in Klaipeda and 3.6 percent in Vilnius. Due to the growth in prices, many residents of Lithuania are buying housing not in Vilnius, but elsewhere where prices are more affordable.

Real estate prices are decreasing in Ukraine. In March-April alone, the price decreased was 2.8 percent. In Kiev, the average price per square meter by now is 831 euros. But the indicator remains between 366-724 euros per square meter in regions and according to analysts, the real estate prices may drop in the future as well. Due to the low income of Ukrainians, the most popular real estate among the population are studio and two-room apartments, mainly Khrushchyovkas, the portal said.