Ukrainian community in Estonia: Russia threatens all of Europe

  • 2022-02-24
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Ukrainian community in Estonia has sent an address to the president of Estonia, the government and the Riigikogu, stating that the actions of Russia, which attacked Ukraine, threaten the whole of Europe. 

"Today, Russia launched a full-scale military operation by invading another independent country in Europe -- Ukraine. The Russian aggression threatens not only Ukraine, but the security of all European countries and the world order. The Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people are ready to defend their country against the enemy, at the same time, international support is much needed for Ukraine," the address says. 

The Ukrainian community in Estonia is asking the authorities and the entire Estonian population to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in every possible way to stop the Russian aggression. 

"We hope that Estonia will be able to support the Ukrainian army with arms, provide humanitarian aid and admit refugees from Ukraine," the Ukrainian community organization said.

"In these very difficult times, it is necessary for the international community to pull together to the utmost to stop the Russian war machine and prevent the expansion of the war into a world war," the address adds.