Ukrainian-language digital radio station Druzi now operating in Estonia

  • 2023-11-17
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Duo Media Networks and the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia started cooperation for the distribution of the new Estonian Ukrainian-language radio station Druzi in Estonia.

Druzi is a digital Ukrainian radio for Ukrainians living in Estonia and Estonians interested in Ukraine. The new radio station is a cross-cultural platform that allows listeners to enjoy both Ukrainian and Estonian music and information.

The channel will feature both Estonian and Ukrainian music as well as information and news concerning the Ukrainian community in Estonia. There will be programs about Ukrainian and Estonian culture, history and traditions.

Information is also provided in English and Estonian to support the integration of Ukrainians into Estonian society.

Duo Media is distributing the Druzi radio channel in cooperation with the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia. The Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia is an association of public associations and communities across Estonia, which was founded in 2000. The association's mission is to preserve and develop Ukrainian culture, traditional language and identity abroad.

The new radio channel can be heard via DAB+ in Tallinn and Harju County, Tartu and Tartu County, Parnu and Parnu County, or in the environment and mobile application.