U.S. to Provide Latvia with Foreign Military Financing to Strengthen Deterrence

  • 2022-10-07
  • U.S. Embassy Riga

RIGA – The U.S. government will provide Latvia with an estimated $200 million in security assistance and security cooperation funding in Fiscal Year 2022.  This includes over $145 million in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) to strengthen Latvian security and military interoperability.  The latest FMF package, which received final approval by the U.S. Congress in late September, was announced by President Biden to support Ukraine and 17 countries that have provided significant assistance to Ukraine. Through FMF, Latvia can strengthen its defense and deterrence capabilities. 

Latvia’s significant military support for the defense of Ukraine has been crucial to the efforts of the Ukrainian people to fight back against ongoing Russian aggression. This financing will help Latvia to reinforce its own important defense capabilities to strengthen security on its territory and on NATO's eastern flank.   

Foreign Military Financing is a program that provides a grant or direct loan funding to foreign militaries for the purchase of U.S. defense equipment, training, and services. The $145.1 million that Latvia is receiving in Fiscal Year 2022 is grant funding.  

The United States commends Allies and partners from Latvia and more than 50 countries that have joined us to continue providing heavy weapons, munitions, and other vital security assistance to Ukraine.  We welcome contributions from all Allies and partners to give Ukraine the support it needs to continue defending itself against Russia’s brutal war.