Truck drivers will not yet be fined for entering Riga city center

  • 2024-01-19
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - During the first days after ban on trucks has been introduced to enter the Riga center, truck drivers will not be fined for doing that, LETA learned from the Riga City Council.

As of yesterday, significant changes have been made to the traffic organization, which bans trucks from the center of Riga.

According to the city council, when major traffic changes are introduced, it takes some time, up to a couple of weeks, for drivers to get used to them and start fully obeying the road signs.

Therefore, initially, truck drivers will not be fined for entering the city center.

As reported, from now on, trucks will not be allowed on Akmens Bridge, Krasta Street section from Salu Bridge to Radzina Street, from Radzina Street to 13 Janvara Street, on 11 Novembra Street section from 13 Janvara Street to Vansu Bridge, and on Eksporta Street from Vansu Bridge to Hanzas Street.

"One of the municipality's objectives is to free the city center from trucks, improving the environmental situation and the urban environment quality in general. This is now possible thanks to Eastern Arterial Road," explains Olafs Pulks (New Unity), chairman of Riga City Council's Traffic and Transport Committee.

This will make the city center more environmentally friendly and divert truck traffic from 11 Novembra Street, said Pulks.

Meanwhile, Riga Eastern Arterial Road was officially opened for traffic on December 21.

Construction of the Eastern Arterial Road commenced in May 2021. The project was implemented by association ACB, Tilts, made up of road construction company A.C.B. and bridge construction company Tilts.

The new road, connecting Piedrujas Street and Gustava Zemgala Street, is 2.8 kilometers long and offers motorists easy access to Purvciems, Plavnieki, Darzciems and Teika neighborhoods of Riga, without having to drive through the city center. It also makes it easier for trucks to reach Riga Port.