Truck driver sent back to Russia for exhibiting symbols of war

  • 2022-04-07
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian border guards on Wednesday night refused entry to a Russian truck driver who exhibited symbols of war and sent the driver and the truck back to Russia. 

On Wednesday night, a Mercedes truck driven by a male citizen of Russia arrived at the Koidula border crossing in Southeastern Estonia. As the officials approached the truck, they noticed a St. George's ribbon hanging on the windshield of the vehicle, so a conversation was held with the driver. In addition to exhibiting symbols of war, the driver also justified the aggression against Ukraine in the conversation with border guards.

"The truck driver said he was well informed about what had happened in Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine, and that that's the only way he thinks is right. This quickly ended the conversation and the border guards sent the driver, who was supposed to head to Paldiski to bring a batch of cars, back to Russia with an empty trailer," spokespeople for the South Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board said on social media. 

As such war symbols also pose a threat to public order in Estonia, the Police and Border Guard Board decided to revoke the driver's visa, issued an entry ban for him and sent him back to Russia. 

Pursuant to the Schengen border rules, border guards have the right not to allow third-country nationals into the country and to send them back to the country of origin on the basis of the State Borders Act if their activities pose a threat to the public order and security of Estonia or a Schengen member state.