Car dealer: 40 pct of Estonians considering electric or hybrid car

  • 2024-04-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - According to a survey conducted in March by market research company Norstat on behalf of car dealership Veho, 25 percent of Estonian car owners are ready to buy or are considering a hybrid vehicle as their next car, while 12 percent are leaning towards an electric vehicle.

Nearly a third are considering purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle as a second family car, according to Veho.

"Although currently, nearly 90 percent of drivers use gasoline or diesel vehicles, the survey indicates a shift in future choices, with people becoming more open to the idea of electric or hybrid vehicles," Keijo Kaasik, managing director at Veho AS, said in a press release.

Three percent of respondents will definitely buy an electric car next, and another 9 percent are considering this option. The readiness to buy hybrid cars is twice as high -- 8 percent are prepared to purchase a hybrid vehicle, and 17 percent are contemplating it.

"The higher preference for hybrid cars reflects that people are ready to take the first steps towards electrification but are doing so cautiously, initially opting for a hybrid as a compromise," Kaasik believes.

The study also found that electric cars are more likely to be considered by those who currently drive a hybrid -- 25 percent of those who are certain about buying an electric car next, and 20 percent who are considering it, currently drive a hybrid.