Tourism season this year looks quite well - LIAA

  • 2022-06-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - After Russia's attack on Ukraine many bookings for trips to Latvia were cancelled, but now the summer tourism season looks quite well, said Latvian Investments and Development Agency (LIAA) director Kaspars Rozkalns in an interview with LETA.

"For example, it is hard to find vacant spots in camping sites. Also hotels in Riga are quite filled compared to the previous two years," said Rozkalns.

Besides, the sanctions between the EU and Russia might result in a larger number of cruise ship passengers.

"Baltic cruise ships do not stop at St.Petersburg port which is good for the Riga port. Some cruise ships are arriving at Liepaja. It is planned that 109 cruise ships will arrive in Riga this year, bringing more than 100,000 tourists. As there were no cruise ships at the Riga port in 2021, this is a good start after the Covid-19 pandemic," said Rozkalns.

Also, there are negotiations on resuming Tallink's Riga-Stockholm route.

LIAA this year continues the started Latvian tourism advertising campaigns in Estonia and Lithuania. It is also planned to focus on Germany and Finland. Also, the priority markets include Sweden, Norway, the UK.

"Looking at farther markets - the US, Japan, South Korea, the picture is different. Traveling is resuming gradually after two years of restrictions, and some restrictions are still in force in Asia. The first shock of the war in Ukraine is over, we see that people's interest in our region is resuming. For example, there are groups of tourists coming in from the US," said Rozkalns.