Tour operator Join UP! Baltic serves 80 000 clients in its first year of operations; reaches 46,5 million euros turnover

  • 2023-04-14

During the first year of operation in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, tour operator Join UP! Baltic has served almost 80 000 clients and reached turnover of 46,5 million euro in 2022. The tour operator started its active operations in the Baltic states a year ago, on April 14, 2022. 

Join UP! Baltic CEO and board member Sabina Saikovskaja, commenting on the first year of the tour operator, notes that the first year was dynamic and full of challenges but successful overall. "Our main goal was to gain trust and acceptance from travelers and partners, we had to prove our stability and work on reputation of a reliable and trustful partner. And we succeeded: in winter we became a leading tour operator for Egypt destination with the biggest flight programme to Egypt, we partnered with 98% tour agents in the Baltic states, we managed to build our company as a steadily growing business. All these milestones give confidence that we are on our way to reaching our goal – to become one of the leading and most loved tour operators in the Baltic states," says S.Saikovskaja. "Our success is based on our strong product and professional teamwork: we formed a team of 37 tourism professionals in the Baltic states – we have 18 employees in Riga, 11 in Vilnius and 8 – in Tallinn."

From the nearly 500 tours the tour operator has organized, the most popular during the first year were: Turkey, Antalya, Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. Currently, Join UP! Baltic offers such destinations as Turkey, Egypt and Montenegro to Baltic travelers. In Lithuania and Estonia as the first tour operator Join UP! Baltic offers to travel to Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh also in summer, making Egypt as an all-year destination.

"The philosophy of our company is not just following the demand but also to create trends and introduce novelties in the travel market. And during our first year we brought new traveling options for Baltic travelers – we offer to travel to Egypt also in summer, organizing tours to the most popular Egypt resort Sharm el Sheik from Vilnius and Tallinn," adds S.Saikovskaja. The tour operator has brought to the Baltic market new and exclusive hotels which are available only from Join UP! Baltic: 40 hotels in Egypt, 44 in Turkey and 31 hotels in Montenegro. 

Join UP! Baltic works with a brand of one of the leading Ukrainian tour operators Join UP!™ that has 13 years of experience in tourism. Join UP! is Ukrainian privately owned company which headquarters is in Kyiv. During 13 years it has become one of the strongest tour operators and among the key actors in the tourism market in Ukraine. Join UP!™ brand is developing in other countries and works in Ukraine since 2010, in Moldova since 2018, in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Kazakhstan since 2022, and in 2023 Join UP! started its active operations in Poland and Romania. 

Join UP! Baltic tour flights to Egypt and Turkey are conducted with the same group airline - Ukrainian "SkyUp Airlines". Join UP!™ and SkyUp Airlines belong to UPfamily group of businesses. Summer program flights to Montenegro from May until October will be conducted by "Air Montenegro."