This time there is a fairly good choice of parties in the "reasonable spectrum" - Levits

  • 2022-09-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - This time, there is a fairly good choice of parties in the "reasonable spectrum" in the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to President Egils Levits.

In an interview on Latvian Television this morning, Levits expressed that in regards to the war in Ukraine, Latvia is more aware than ever that the country must be defended. Society is currently reflecting on, among other things, how valuable democracy and the nation are.

Levits hopes that this will also be reflected in the elections. "Ukrainians are fighting for a free nation, where they too can participate in elections. The participants of the period of Latvia's reawakening also wanted a free nation and elections, so the opportunity must be used. The claim that a person cannot change anything is wrong," said Levits.

According to him, in the upcoming Saeima elections there is a fairly good choice in the "reasonable spectrum" - parties that can be trusted, that have proven something and have an idea of what the country of Latvia should be. They are democratic parties and have a variety of views to choose from.

However, there are still some parties that Levits does not consider "particularly serious" and which "definitely should not be trusted".

Levits emphasized that people who do not go to vote should understand that they still influence the outcome, only in the direction that these people would not like. Therefore, in order to influence politics in the direction they want, people have to go to the elections and vote. "Otherwise, it is often influenced by forces that are not favorable to Latvia," warned the president.

The 14th Saeima elections will be held on October 1.