There is democracy, not conflicts in KPV LV party - Aldis Gobzems

  • 2019-01-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - There is democracy but not conflicts or splits within KPV LV party, KPV LV politician Aldis Gobzems claimed on Latvian Television this morning.

The MP said that yesterday’s vote on the proposal to dismiss KPV LV leader Artuss Kaimins as deputy head of the KPV LV group in Saeima was also part of the democratic process, which had nothing to do with any divisions or infighting in the party.

Aldis Gobzems reiterated that members of his party sided with ideas rather than political groups.

Asked to comment on Wednesday’s vote on Kaimins’ dismissal as deputy head of the KPV LV group, Aldis Gobzems said that in his view, Kaimins had matured to the level where he should become a minister in the Krisjanis Karins-led government. Gobzems believes Kaimins could be given the portfolio of welfare or economics minister.

At the same time, Aldis Gobzems described the forming of Latvia’s new government under Karins’ (New Unity) leadership “violence against Latvia’s society” because a party with the smallest representation in Saeima should not be entrusted to form the Cabinet. “This is a sheer ignoring of the people’s will,” Gobzems said, adding that this is his personal opinion.

The politician said it was still not clear how the KPVL LV group in Saeima will vote on the Karins-led government. The parliamentary group has not yet decided whether to support the Karins-led government, but there has been a vote on participation in the government formation talks led by Karins.

Aldis Gobzems believes that KPVL LV party’s participation in the Karins-led government would be a mistake, but avoided answering whether he would consider leaving the party if KPV LV joined the new coalition government.

The Karins-led government is expected to include ministers from five political parties: New Unity, the New Conservative Party, KPV LV, the National Alliance and For Development/For.