The Riga Security Forum 2023:

  • 2023-10-19
  • LIIA

For the fifth consecutive year, the Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) is organizing the Riga Security Forum, bringing together international experts on security, politics, technology, education, and defense. In a series of ten thought-provoking podcasts, experts will explore global issues through political self-reflection and strengthen mutual understanding by answering uncomfortable questions and building a more secure future for us all. Recordings of the Forum discussions will be freely available in Latvian and English. 

The series of podcasts will be traditionally opened by the President of Latvia, H.E. Edgars Rinkēvičs. The discussion will analyze the current state of the "rules-based" international order and the varying global security visions of different countries and regions.

"This year, the idea of the Riga Security Forum is based on Albert Einstein's well-known insight that we "cannot solve our problems with the same mindset with which we created them." In our daily work at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, we clearly see the importance of new ideas, especially those that emerge in difficult situations and intense debates," says project manager and LIIA researcher Sintija Broka. 

"Today's security challenges are mostly international and transcend national borders. At the Riga Security Forum, we will discuss various security aspects from a fresh and innovative perspective, including artificial intelligence and other future security challenges that will impact the international community." 

A new audio and video episode will be published weekly in English and Latvian over two months, from October 31 to the end of December. The conversations will be held on two levels, touching on both the "traditional" or conventional dimensions of security and the "unconventional" or non-conventional security challenges. 

The discussions will be freely available on the project website,, on the LIIA social media accounts, and on the Apple and Spotify platforms. 

The project is the result of a successful collaboration between the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, NATO Public Diplomacy Department, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Baltic States, Embassies of the United States, Poland, Canada, Spain in Latvia, as well as Riga Graduate School of Law, the international provider of defense, security, and aviation life cycle support services, pilot training and technology solutions "Patria" and 5G Techritory Forum. 

The LIIA is thankful to the project's informative partners – Latvian unified news portal –, The Baltic Times and TV4 Latvia.