The perfect strategy to win big on slots

  • 2022-09-19

If you’ve never heard of loose machines and you’re wondering how to best strategise your next big slot win, I suggest you familiarise yourself with one or two of these machines. What that basically is, is a machine with a high return to player percentage, coupled with medium to low volatility. Volatility is also known as variance and is the probability of having a winning session. 

For instance, low volatility means your chances of winning are more frequent, even though the value of the win will be low. The higher the variance, the bigger the value of the prize, and the less frequent your chances of winning become. The only way to find out if a machine is loose is by testing it. 

To do that, a player must insert the maximum value of coins for a period of time and monitor how much they get back. If over some time you notice that you’re getting more money back, then that is a loose machine and you should keep playing on it. But this is only one tip, even though it is one of the major ones. Slot strategies and most reliable casinos can be found on website. 

The perfect strategy to winning big on slots is in fact a combination of several strategies, and when they are all applied effectively together, then you could maximise your winnings. Without further ado, let us inspect the game plan. 

Five more methods to enhance your chances

1. Before we carry on, it’s important that we understand that the house edge is there to ensure that the casino doesn’t lose often. Meaning by the design of any casino, players are supposed to not win more than the house. With that said, when it comes to slots or any other casino game, you must always try to play with a maximum amount you’re comfortable parting with.

2. Make use of the bonuses offered by the casino. They often come in the form of free spins and matched deposit bonuses where you get an equal amount of money credited to your account the same as you initially deposited. This will increase your odds of winning.

3. Do not go on a jackpot chase. As already mentioned, the house edge is there for a reason. The only time you can ignore this rule is when the payout on the base game of the machine is frequent. Then you can play for longer with the jackpot as something that makes a good situation even better, should it occur.

4. Slots do not require much thinking, sure. However, it does help to understand a game before you put money on it. Familiarise yourself with the features and aspects of the slot through either demo games or by reading the paytable.

5. Part of playing responsibly is knowing when to stop. Betting with a maximum amount you’re happy to let go does not mean that you should play past your set budget. It means you respect your budget, even when it’s seemingly a lot. 

The difference between being a successful gambler or not is often down to just a few smart decisions that any player could make.