How to Acquire a Greece Golden Visa? A Comprehensive Guide

  • 2024-04-23

Greece is the birthplace of democracy, mythology, and Western civilization. With its rich history, culture, and beautiful landscapes, it is a great place to reside. 

People who dream of living in Greece can turn it into reality with the help of the Golden Visa program offered by the country. Under this program, individuals are needed to invest a minimum amount and fulfill some criteria to get residency in the country. 

If you want to learn more about the Greece Golden Visa and wish to acquire it, then this article has all the necessary insights for you; check it out! 

What is a Golden Visa?

Golden Visa is also known as a residency by investment program. It is a program many countries offer to attract investors from other countries so they can make a significant investment in the country’s economy to obtain residency and citizenship rights. 

People can contribute a certain amount of money to the host country either through real estate, government bonds, business investment, or any other valid investment options.

This way, individuals get residency benefits such as the permission to live and work there, travel freely, and enjoy all the educational and healthcare facilities. Through the program, the countries get an economic boost and attract global talent. 

Once the individuals meet all the specific requirements, they can apply for citizenship after a certain period. 

The Global Residence Index team specializes in this field and helps clients obtain golden visas and other visas from various countries. They guide individuals throughout the visa application process, before and after, so they can have a hassle-free experience.

Now that you have an idea of a golden visa, look below for detailed insight into how to acquire Greece's golden visa.

Eligibility Requirements

Some eligibility requirements need to be met in order to attain Greece’s golden visa. The basic conditions that must be fulfilled are mentioned below.

- Non-EU/EEA Citizenship: The EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) already have all the rights within the region. So, people outside these regions are eligible to apply for the program. 

- Age Requirements: The minimum age to apply for the program is 18 years. 

- Good Character: The authorities might assess your character to ensure safety.

- Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must show evidence of clean criminal history certificates issued by their residence country.

- Investment Threshold: The investment amount must be fully contributed depending on the chosen investment option. 

- Financial Stability: Applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient income to support themselves and their family members. 

- Private Health Insurance: Individuals must have private health insurance for themselves and their dependents that covers the entire period of their stay. 

- Dependents: Under this visa program, spouses, minor children, and financially dependent parents can be included. Proof of marriage and birth certificates might be required. 

Investment Options

Greece offers multiple investment options under the golden visa program. Here’s a list of them. 

- Real Estate Investment 

For real estate investment options, an individual must invest €250,000. This amount is applicable for most areas in Greece, and an individual can buy one or more properties collectively to reach the required threshold.

For specific municipalities within Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini, the amount is €500,000

The money can be invested in various commercial or residential properties such as apartments, villas, houses, land plots, etc. 

- Government Bonds 

The minimum investment amount required is €400,000, which can be invested in Greek government bonds with a minimum maturity of three years. 

This option is considered relatively safe with lower risk and guaranteed return. 

- Shares and Bonds on the Greek Stock Market

Individuals can also invest in a combination of shares or corporate bonds. The minimum amount that must be invested is €800,000. Though the amount is high compared to other investment options, it has the potential for higher returns. 

- Capital Contribution to a Greek Company 

In this, an investor has to contribute a capital of at least €400,000 to a Greek company. The company must have been established for at least two years, have a minimum of 10 employees, and have its headquarters in Greece. 

The industry type will be stated under the program specifications, and it is essential to maintain the investment for a minimum of 5 years. 

It has the potential for high returns and contributes to the Greek economy. 

Application Process

Several steps are needed to be fulfilled to submit your application smoothly. Below are some of the basic steps you must follow.

- Pre Application Stage

First, you must thoroughly research the Green Golden Visa program. After you have an understanding of the visa program, choose your preferred investment option according to your financial goals and purpose. 

Next, gather all the necessary documents required to be submitted with the application. 

- Application Submission 

Fill out the Golden visa form provided by the Greek authorities, and consider consulting immigration professionals for guidance. Prepare and submit all the supporting documents with the application. 

- Processing and Approval 

After reviewing, submit the application form. Be patient while the visa is being processed. In some cases, an interview can also be scheduled. If approved, you will be notified by the authorities and will be given a temporary residence visa to travel to Greece. 

After two years, you are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit in Greece.

Additional Considerations

Look at some of the additional factors to consider before applying for the program. 

- Costs: The visa program has some costs associated with it. The Greek authorities charge application fees for processing. Other additional costs are translation, professional, and investment-related costs.  

Some recent changes have been made to the price requirement by the Greek government. Know more about Greece’s golden visa price increase with the latest changes and news with the Global Residence Index. 

- Residency Requirements: To maintain the residency status, individuals must spend around half a year annually in Greece. Becoming a resident also subjects you to taxes, so learn about the tax implications in advance. 

- Healthcare and Lifestyle: You must obtain a private healthcare system in Greece. You can also explore the public healthcare facilities. Regarding lifestyle, research the cost of living, culture, and language beforehand. 


Greece is a beautiful country to reside in, and it offers many visa programs for foreign nationals to apply for and live in the country. Golden Visa is one preferred visa program. 

Hope this article helped you learn about the Greece Golden Visa program. Apply for this visa to fly to Greece.