The most popular sports on which you can bet

  • 2022-09-27

When it comes to online gambling, many gamblers still choose because it gives them the opportunity to earn more money. There are other reasons why people do this, but culture is one of the leading factors as well. When betting first became popular in Europe, horse racing and boxing were among the first sports to accept betting.

Of course, a lot has changed since that time. Thanks to the development of online platforms, it has become easier for traders to access various websites - and in just a few seconds.

Today, tens of billions of euros are left over for sports every year all over the world. Impressive, isn't it?

You must have wondered which sports are the most popular to bet on? When you visit betting sites, you will see dozens of sports, but not all of them are as popular as others. So let's take a look below at the sports that are most popular among bettors.


Everyone knows that football is the absolute leader among all types of bets. It is no secret that football is the most famous game in the world. It follows that huge sums of money are bet on it. However, it should be mentioned that most bets are placed on the biggest world championships, such as the UEFA Champions League final or the World Cup.

Also, football is played and bet on in almost all countries of the world - even in those where football is not ranked as the first sport to bet on. In almost every online and in-person bookmaker, you will also be able to find less popular leagues that accept bets on different games.


In recent years, e-sports has also become popular among gamblers. Moreover, the competitions of prominent leaders are followed not only out of idle curiosity, but because their performance can significantly increase the amount of money in the bank account. It must be mentioned that today there are betting sites that specialize in e-sports betting in particular.

Sportsbook sites that specialize in eSports betting are usually very cryptocurrency friendly. This means they accept bets in things like Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. It is a phenomenon that has become especially used in recent years. The advantages as well as the positive features of cryptocurrency are encouraging many bettors to switch to these digital coins.


Hockey is probably a popular sport in Latvia, but statistics show that it is by no means the first and main choice of bettors, as it ranks behind other sports. In terms of the number of bets, the first is football, then e-sports and next on the list is tennis. Hockey stays behind them.


Why is tennis popular? The explanation is simple - it is related to the huge number of tennis competitions. Almost every day, at any time of the day, tennis is played somewhere. In addition, tennis is also very often played live. This means that any bettor can follow the game.

The most popular tennis tournament is the Grand Slam.

Horse racing

Betting on horse racing is almost as old as the sea. Not so long ago, it was horse racing that was the most popular sport to bet on. But after the expansion of the football and tennis betting market, this king of the sport was relegated to the third place. Although horse racing is not as popular as it once was, it still attracts many bettors around the world. It is currently the most popular sport among bettors in Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia. It must be mentioned that betting on horse racing still generates billions of euros in revenue every year.


The NBA league is a clear leader among basketball competitions. Statistics show that even those bettors who are not knowledgeable about basketball place their bets on it. And it's all because the NBA has proven that betting on it is a big money-making opportunity.

Euroleague is also popular among bettors. Although not as well-known as the NBA, betting on it is widespread in Europe.

For professionals who enjoy betting on basketball, point total bets are a popular choice. These rates are usually easier to predict. Also, another betting strategy in basketball is betting on losers.

NFL or National Football League

The National Football League has even become like a religion in some countries, so it is no surprise that there are indeed many bettors who choose to bet on this sport.

In addition, the NFL gives bettors the opportunity to place many different bets. And who doesn't like multiple bets?

UFC or Universal Fight Championships

Despite the fact that mixed martial arts is not widespread or popular, in terms of the amount of betting they are not far behind even from the football. In addition, there are sportsbooks that specialize in UFC in particular.


Baseball is undoubtedly not as popular as football, but in some countries this sport is widespread. For this reason, baseball can also become an ideal choice where bettors can place their bets. In addition, a big plus is that - as it is less popular than other sports, such as football or basketball - the results are more common and easier to predict. But only if the statistics are carefully followed. By analyzing statistics such as hits per pitch or pitching, it is easy to predict how a baseball team will perform in upcoming games.

By carefully checking all the necessary statistics, bettors can place profitable bets with a chance of success.

Which sport to choose for betting?

Many bettors have at least once in their life asked the question - is it better to bet on individual or team sports? This is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions among bettors, so let's try to look at it in more detail.

A couple of athletes participate in individual sports. Therefore, it might seem that it is not difficult to perform a qualitative statistical analysis, however, it must be said - although this is a very popular opinion, it still is undoubtedly wrong one. In individual sports, every detail is important, such as the athlete's psychological preparation, well-being, health, etc. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to know all this before the game.

Also, during the game, the player can get various micro-injuries. Consequently, an initially favorable ratio may fail due to small details, even if the preconceived analysis is perfect.

On the other hand, if a player is injured in one of the team sports, the player is replaced, and this affects the final result much less. Of course, if the leader gets injured, that is also a problem, but it is easier to make correct predictions.