The Kremlin's war against Ukraine is a criminal war between brothers - Usakovs

  • 2022-02-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Moscow's invasion of Ukraine is a criminal war between brothers, so the entire world community must unite against the Kremlin, European Parliament Member Nils Usakovs, one of the leaders of Harmony, said today, commenting Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The politician believes that the Kremlin's war against Ukraine is a criminal war of brothers and sisters, in which relatives, friends, comrades, former colleagues will be on the opposite front and Russian will often be heard on both sides.

"The footage of Ukrainian women and children hiding in bomb shelters from Russian airstrikes raises only one question: how did something like this happen in the first place? How did we get to civilians hiding from Russian bombs the 21st century?" he asks rhetorically, adding that images of Russian soldiers being sent to kill and die cause a sense of grief.

He emphasized that the fact that other countries had been criminally at war in the past could not be an excuse for a new criminal war. Trade or economic interests cannot be used as an excuse to ignore such a war.

The MEP emphasized that neither the Russian people nor Russians are at war in Ukraine. "In this brotherly war, the Russian people and Russians around the world have become the same victims or hostages as the Ukrainians, and to stop the war, Europe and the world must unite not against Russia, the Russians or the Russian language, but against the Kremlin and the current Russian rulers. It will not be possible to stop this criminal war without the participation of the Russian people," said the politician.

He emphasized that the war in Ukraine must become a turning point in Latvia's national politics. "We need to create a truly united political nation made up of people who speak different languages, where the majority and the minority have equal rights and where relations are based on mutual respect. Only this can guarantee the security and stability of our country," he said.