The investigation how the server of the Government of Kyrgyzstan was used for attempts to impact the presidential elections is being continued

  • 2017-11-07
  • Antanas Duda

The editorial staff of and Sweden digital criminalists have found evidences that one governmental server of Kyrgyzstan included a nongovernmental website formed for affecting the electors during the presidential elections.

For a whole month, one of the most important governmental servers of Kyrgyzstan included a nongovernmental website The said server belongs to the State Registration Service.

The editorial staff of obtained testimonies of several electioneerers from the headquarters of candidate Sooranbay Zheenbekov confirming that “Samara” was used for accounting the electors and controlling the votes.

When the pre-election canvassing began in Kyrgyzstan, dramatic changes of the little known website occurred.

The website of a real estate agency turned into a management system for personal data of citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

A key change occurred on the 13 September, on the fourth day of the pre-election canvassing, — on the said day, the domain of was sent from the hosting area of the private company “” to the server сip212.112.124.142.

The above-mentioned server is owned by the State Registration Service — the institution involved in processing the personal data of the population of Kyrgyzstan. It is used for a number of governmental projects.

“Sаmarа” was a management system for the pre-election canvassing that used the administrative resource – on the site, the data on electors were collected and the electors intending to vote in favor of the President’s Social Democratic Party were singled out. However, on the day of elections, the information on the said site of the domain was altered already.

The editorial staff of “” had explored, how “Samara” worked. Upon using the digital criminalists from the Sweden fund Qurium involved in providing safe hosting services, the journalists of found evidences that the website was really included in the governmental server of the State Registration Service in the period between 13 September and 13 October. They confirmed that within the said month, the domain was directed to the governmental server.

Uchkunbek Tashbayev, the former Minister of Economic Development and the ex-head of the State Geology Agency, confirmed to a journalist of that domain was registered on his name.

In addition, Uchkunbek Tashbayev told that he knew nothing about any links of his domain with the governmental server: he told that nobody is involved in administering website at present. However, the authorities of Kyrgyzstan deny that for some reason. Is it possible to state that “Samara” played an important role in the presidential elections? is further continuing its investigation.


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