The Hunter - new autumn/winter collection by Iveta Vecmane

  • 2021-10-18

Fashion designer Iveta Vecmane adds yet another personal peak to her creative achievements this year - new clothing line THE HUNTER comes as a 6th sequel to THE MELANCHOLIA series. This time the designer sees a woman as a hunter, she perceives the conditioning and demands of the modern world as her hunting playground. Everyday a woman goes out there to pursue her dreams, fight her battles and hunt her goals. MELANCHOLIA VI - THE HUNTER was presented during the Riga Fashion Week this autumn.

Over time, Iveta Vecmane's brand has gained its recognition and popularity due to the characteristic view of women's freedom, independence, and self-expression, by creating each look that helps women to be noticed, heard, and highly confident. THE HUNTER is a conscious journey thinking deeper, reflecting on different choices we make. What are the hunting grounds we choose and what are the victories that have earned a respected place among our trophies in today's value system? Designer’s favourite palette dominates in the new collection - we see a lot of black, grey and silver. As always Iveta Vecmane's signature cut does not exclude the comfort, elegance, and sustainability of materials be that the business costume with its characteristic jacket or the dresses or her noticeable colour combinations. New collection stands out for the gorgeous feathers used as a statement accessory in various looks, and therefore paying a tribute to the cultural and historical heritage when the divine power was assigned to feathers and to the ones who wore them. Birds in various traditions are associated with freedom, creativity, wisdom, rebirth, and the connection with the spiritual world. Feathers used in the collection have not been obtained by any way endangering the lives of birds. Most of them have been found or gifted, and the rest are outsourced in a sustainable manner. 

THE HUNTER is available right now after the Riga Fashion Week, in studio Iveta Vecmane, a new store which was opened this summer in Riga and since has become a popular meeting place for all Latvian fashion gourmets.
IVETA VECMANE is a Latvia based slow fashion brand for women founded in 2017. Rooted in classical fashion values, it emphasises the importance of sustainability, functionality, locally sourced and produced garments. Designer Iveta Vecmane has graduated fashion design master program in the Art Academy of Latvia. For the past ten years she has been one of the best-known stylists working with leading magazines, fashion advertisement and art production companies. Iveta Vecmane presents her brand as a self-reflection, transforming previously accumulated knowledge and experience into her collection sequels MELANCHOLIA. She encourages Latvian woman to become an expression of an own personal brand, choosing clothes as a mean of communication and expressing their identity.

The brand was successfully represented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia and featured in Marie Claire Russia. MELANCHOLIA collections were included in Vilnius fashion event Mados Infekcija for several years and were represented in United Fashion 48H Maisons de Mode Lille, France. Participation at the international fashion platform Not Just a Lable brought the Black Sheep award to the brand. Italian choreographer Claudia Castellucci reached out to Iveta Vecmane and their collaboration resulted in an amazing costume set for Claudia’s new dance performance La Nuova Abitudine (The New Habit) with its upcoming premiere in St.Petersburg on October 9th, 2021. As to news for Riga’s residents and guests – Iveta Vecmane created an Autumn/Winter 21 capsule collection for a shopping centre Stockmann, available in a special pop-up store from September 6th.