The five things you should look for when selecting a betting site

  • 2023-05-22

The advent of the internet and the revolution that the web has brought to people’s everyday lives, have not left betting untouched. In fact, sports betting now is largely done online and only a small percentage of bet revenues is generated by the more traditional brick-and-mortar betting shops or the physical sportsbooks. 

Everything has been transferred online and today online bookmakers and betting sites are the dominant distributors of betting services all across the world. So, anyone who wants to experiment with sporta likmes, will most likely be required to select an online sportsbook. 

But when there is so much competition and so many different online bookmakers, how can you be sure that you have chosen a reliable, trustworthy and an overall good betting site?

Choosing a good betting site is vital in the world of sports betting and so you need to devote some time to research and evaluation before you make up your mind. 

Here are the five things that you should look for when selecting a betting site to register with. 

1. Good reputation

As with any brand, betting sites come with some form of reputation. Other sites are popular and other sites are less popular. Of course, popularity does not guarantee quality, but a good reputation is an indicator of a bookmaker that at least is not a scam. 

As we are living in the era of information and knowledge, things relevant to the reputation of a betting site are not hard to find.

2. User reviews

Besides reputation, you should look for user reviews. In these reviews you will be able to find much more information about the betting site and you will be able to develop a bookmaker profile in your mind. 

You can see the positive reviews and get an idea of what the site is actually doing well and you can also look at the negative reviews to see whether these are absolute ‘don'ts’ for you or rather indifferent aspects to you. 

And accordingly you will be able to make a more informed decision in your final choice. In the era of user-generated-content it is naive to omit looking at other people’s opinions and other user’s experiences with a specific betting site. 

3. Customer service

You should definitely look for the customer service functions of the candidate betting sites. A good customer service is no longer a “delighter” in sports betting services, but a core feature of the service provided. 

In fact, the way that a bookmaker has set and operates customer service tells a lot about their commitment to quality, their reliability and credibility and of course their dependability. 

A general rule says that good customer service in a sports betting site is one that features multiple communication means (phone, email, chat etc) and a relatively quick response time. 

4. Transactions methods

You should check the methods of payment (and transactions) that are offered by the betting sites under consideration. It is important to feel comfortable and secure when you implement any transaction -whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal of money - and this comes down to the methods that are provided by the bookmaker. 

In short, you should check if what is offered suits you. If you are a crypto user, for instance, you should definitely check out whether the candidate sites actually feature this option and if they do, it will most likely be a plus thing to consider. 

5. Bonuses and promotions

We must not forget one very important way with which bookmakers try to attract new customers. This is the bonus or promotions that they offer for new registrations. 

Of course you should take advantage of these and you should certainly look into what each betting site offers. Make a comparison and then make your choice. Although this should not be the number one criterion, it is a really positive thing to have a good and desirable bonus along with all the other things we’ve described above. 

These five things are what you should be looking for when you are selecting among candidate betting sites. Finding a good site will help you improve your entire betting experience and will increase your enjoyment.