The Essential Video Interview Hacks You Need to Know in 2021

  • 2021-03-21

Since last year, we have been spending a lot more time online doing our work, meeting, and socializing alike. We would not have given these apps a second thought as a platform for working until recently. It is now that we use these video conferencing apps for professional tasks. Companies are back on track and are hiring in full throttle. To smoothen this hiring process, people are now going for video interviews also. All said and done, video interviews are here and going to stay too. So, we have to follow a few protocols to ensure we crack the interviews in 2021 and beyond online.

1. Get Ready

This hack is perhaps something you should practice and ace at while appearing for a video interview. Remember that you should read about the company you appear for and even know the answers to the questions you should be expecting as coming your way. The interviewers would be expecting you to be at your best. Don’t have to overdress, but that does not mean you dress casually because you are home. Be ready mentally as well as physically.

2. Get the Lighting and Sound Test

You will need to ensure the Wi-Fi connection or broadband connection is smooth. If this is a new video conferencing app that you have downloaded, you will need to check it. The mic test is something you will need to check. This is a common practice ahead of any video conferencing. Also, check the camera and its placement. Avoid having a light source behind you since it might only cause glare. Also, avoid sitting inside a dark room since then you will not be visible at all.

3. The Background Check

What does your background have? Is it a solid-colored wall and looks presentable? Remember, interviewers are now getting a sneak-peek into your lives and so be cautious. These days, you can adjust the virtual backgrounds from the apps itself. If your friend is playing a game from a casino, make sure to hide it from the view. This will save your face if you do not wish to show your home or do not have any presentable background.

4. Body Language

You may assume that the interviewer will not be able to see below your waist and might not identify your traits. But if the interviewer is one expert in his or her field, you better be cautious. Do not slouch forward and do not sit back in a reclining position. Look confident and show your comfort.

5. Be a Good Listener

While you need to say each word with clarity, you will also need to be a good listener. There might be times when the internet might lag, and the audio might only reach well. Communication is still the key to ace the interviews online.

6. Keep Your Mobile Phone in Silent Mode

It isn’t delightful when your phone rings and disturbs you during an interview online. So, keep it in silent mode. Also, it is safe to keep your social media notification sounds off. If you are playing any games on the casino online, keep it off for the time being. Nothing should distract you at the time of the interviews.

Other Key Hacks for Your Video Interviews

Remember to go for these hacks and not take the online interviews lightly because you are at home. Dress up well and look smart and in those ironed formals as always. Sit in the most comfortable chair in the house and, if possible, shut the door to your room. It will help in keeping your other family members from entering unannounced or in their most vulnerable moments.