The construction tender for the next section of the Rail Baltica mainline was announced

  • 2023-06-16

Rail Baltic Estonia, a company responsible for implementation of Rail Baltica in Estonia, has announced the third consecutive tender for the construction of the Rail Baltica railway mainline. The construction section that falls within the territories of Kohila and Rapla municipalities is 7.1 kilometers long and stretches from Loone to Hagudi. If the construction tender is successful, the construction is planned to begin in early 2024.

"Within the past six months, we have announced construction tenders for the Rail Baltica mainline covering a distance of 21 kilometers, and it is likely that we will add a similar volume to the tender registry within this year," said Anvar Salomets, the Chief Executive Officer of Rail Baltic Estonia.

Salomets also stated that they aim to make the most of the already short construction season, which is why construction work is progressing quickly, including at the intersections with the Rail Baltica line. 8 crossings have already been completed, and construction is still ongoing at 9 other sites. Construction is planned to be commenced of later this year. 

In the 7.1-kilometer section, which is the latest to be included in the construction tender, the construction company will have to build two eco-ducts, one road viaduct, two railway viaducts, and nearly 5 kilometers of noise barriers in addition to the earthworks. This section also includes a unique 224-meter-long railway bridge in Estonia.

The future Rail Baltica high-speed railway infrastructure will intersect with the existing Southwest Estonia Railway corridor on the Loone-Hagudi section. Consequently, a temporary bypass road will be constructed to allow the construction of the new Pureva railway viaduct, Tamme tee tunnel, and Röa eco-duct for the Southwest Estonia Railway. In the future, the Southwest Estonia Railway will run along the Rail Baltica line. It is expected that the construction contract for this section will be signed in the last months of this year.

Previously, Rail Baltic Estonia announced tenders for the construction of a 9.4-kilometer section from the border of Harju and Rapla counties to Sihi teen and a 4.8-kilometer section from Ülemiste station's east side to the intersection with Lagedi road.

The construction of the Rail Baltica railway is funded to 85% by the European Union funds.