The casinos of the Baltic

  • 2021-09-29

The Baltic countries have a lot to offer and when in the mood for gambling they can also deliver. If you are searching for the Baltic casinos, you should read further to get an idea of where to go to get the best experience.

There are over 200 casinos spread across the Baltic countries. You should of course experience the best casinos and this article will provide you with some of the best casinos in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Before you explore the real deal, it might be a good idea to practice your casino skills which you can do from home in online casinos. On a site like, you can find all sorts of games that you would find in a real casino. Providing you with a chance to practice your skill in any type of game. When you visit the casinos of the Baltic it would be a shame not to know how to gamble. You could also look for the best online casino in the Baltics.

Olympic Vodoo Casino in Latvia

There are about a hundred casinos in Latvia and half are located in the capital Riga. Among these is the Olympic Vodoo Casino which is in the Radisson Blu Hotel. It is near the older part of the city. This casino is rated as one of the very best casinos in Riga. With a size of 24,500 square feet, it costs around a hundred gaming machines that you can throw yourself at when you enter. The casino also has 16 tables where you can sit in on a Game of Poker, American Roulette or Blackjack. The casino also offers great bars and restaurants to visit in between. You won’t be missing anything visiting this casino.

Olympic Casino in Lithuania

Betting used to be illegal in Lithuania which affected the casinos as well. It is not illegal anymore but there are still regulations which for one means that it is only large casino groups that can obtain a license. And the Olympic casino chain is the king of Baltic casinos. One of these licensed casinos is Olympic Casino, which is located in Vilnius, the capital. This casino is one of the biggest in the country at 16,146 square feet. As a host of regular poker tournaments, it has 14 tables where you can play all sorts of casino card games and roulette. The casino is a part of an entertainment centre which also offers a lot of gaming activities so this is a place where you would never get bored.

City Casino in Estonia

In Tallinn in Estonia, a casino with the funkiest name is located at the CityCasino Coca-Cola Plaza. The casino is in the centre of the capital. And this is not only a place where people go to gamble, they also go here to hang out and drink. With its fancy bar and lounge, it has become a hip and kitsch location for fashionable people. And this cool casino offers slot machines and tables to join in a game of blackjack. In 1995 Estonia changed its previous and strict regulations in gambling and became more liberal.