The best way to follow the 2022 NFL in your country

  • 2022-01-24

The National Football League is the pinnacle of professional American Football with millions of fans from across the world preparing to follow the 2022 season. That popularity extends to the Baltic States where the NFL enjoys growing TV viewing figures every year. The 103rd campaign is fast approaching with lovers putting the finishing touches to their predictions, organising their diary to ensure no important games are missed and planning how to watch each fixture.

The games may be taking place hundreds of miles away in the United States but that’s proving no barrier to football lovers and sports fans here. Readers of the Baltic Times are coming up with new and innovative ways to watch the big match. In the past, fans were forced to rely on live television to provide their NFL hit but they are no longer bound by those ties. The way we watch football is changing. It’s modernising and you must be prepared. From sports travel companies that specialise in taking fans to the most popular NFL games and American Football stadium tours to live television and the HD quality and free to view live streaming apps offered by NFL betting sites, you are spoiled for choice on how to watch the play. Have you decided on your method of viewing yet? If not, we are here to help. In this article, we analyse the three options available to viewers with the intention of finding the best, most reliable and channel offering value for money.


If you want to get the full experience of watching the NFL you can plan a visit to the United States and take in a game. This doesn’t come cheap, of course, but for football fans it will rate as the dream trip. It could even be tied into a family trip and if you needed to justify the expense to others on the holiday, you could visit a stadium that is nearest to your vacation. Not all NFL matches are played in the US, of course. At least one fixture a season is staged in London and other European cities. London staged two NFL games in the 2021 season with both played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Even if there’s no game on, visiting your favourite team’s stadium and doing the tour would be quite an experience.


The most popular way to watch NFL games is on television. Most matches are played on subscription TV, such as satellite, but you can often find highlight programmes on free to air stations or even on the team’s websites. Watch the match on TV from the comfort of your own home and enjoy expert commentary, exciting camera angles and up to the minute stats or watch with friends at a popular sports bar in your city. There you can combine the pitch-side view offered by TV and the thrill of watching as part of a crowd.

Plan your viewing and you’ll never miss a game although the only downside is you are at the mercy of the programmers who pick and choose which matches they show each weekend. You could watch your favourite team in action or may be stuck with two other sides.

Live Streaming

The modern way to watch American Football and the best way if you prefer to stick to one single team. In many cases, the best live streams are offered by bookmakers who allow you to watch for free in an attempt to encourage you to place a bet on the game. If you plan to back your big match predictions then this is the perfect set-up and can be done on your home computer or smartphone.

Even if you’re not into betting you can register an account with a bookie that is legal and licensed in your region and take advantage of the live streaming. Some bookies ask that you place a small bet to access the live stream but not all sites. Others insist that you have cash available in your betting account to bet in-play if you wanted to but, again, this is not always the case. Find a bookie that lets you watch the NFL for free with no commitment to bet.