The Baltics got their first EN 50600 certified data center

  • 2022-12-13

Estonian IT solutions have been at the forefront worldwide for many years and its IT infrastructure has now been officially acknowledged as one of the best. The audit process, which began with planning and has been going on for almost three years, was completed today, with the largest data center in the Baltics being acknowledged with the EN 50600 certificate, confirming that the complex meets the highest international standards. This is the only data center in the Baltic states and Finland to be recognised with the certificate. For local companies, this means a more competitive and future-proof foundation for growing their business.

Accepting the certificate today, Tõnu Grünberg, CEO of Greenergy Data Centers, explained that as our lives and businesses are increasingly moving to the internet and each bit and byte on the internet must also have a physical location, IT infrastructure is also becoming more important. ‘A data center is a foundation by nature. E-services delivered to millions of users rest on this foundation. The stronger, more secure and durable the foundation, the more reliable is our future,’ added Grünberg.

According to Kristjan Järvan, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, who acknowledged Greenergy Data Centers for the development of the Estonian IT infrastructure, an internationally competitive e-Estonia also needs an unwavering foundation in addition to our smart workforce and world-changing software solutions. ‘Awarding the EN 50600 certificate to the largest data center in the region confirms that the Estonian digital success story is built on a solid ground and that various fields develop similarly. This promotes the outlook of companies aiming for global reach and also increases the attractiveness of the local business environment to foreign companies and to new investments,’ noted Järvan.

According to the leading German IT-Security service provider TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜVIT, Member of the TÜV NORD GROUP), which audited the data center, EN 50600 is the first and only European standard that provides guidelines for planning, construction, and operating of a data center as a whole. ‘This establishes clear requirements for electricity, cooling, security, and connectivity and general construction works. It also creates best-practice frameworks for the operations of the data center. We have certified hundreds of data centers and I am happy to confirm that Greenergy Data Centers is among the best,’ explained Joachim Faulhaber, Head of DC evaluation department at TÜVIT.

Furthermore, storing of data in an EN 50600 certified data center also ensures compliance with the EU environmental impact requirements that will enter into force in two years’ time.

Greenergy Data Centers is the largest, most secure and most energy-efficient data center in the Baltics. The first building of the data center is the size of two football pitches and the electrical connections of the center could supply the average Estonian city.

The construction of the Greenergy Data Centers near Tallinn was financed by the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund. One of the investors in the fund is, among others, the Estonian state.