The annual meeting of the "Friends of Rail Baltica" took place in Strasbourg

  • 2024-02-08

On Wednesday, February 6th, in Strasbourg, the annual meeting of the "Friends of Rail Baltica" took place, emphasizing the significance of the Rail Baltica project. This project not only integrates the Baltic States into the European railway system but also connects them with other regional countries, establishing a functional corridor for passenger and freight transportation.

With the participation of representatives from the Baltic States, Finland, and Poland, as well as transport ministries and Rail Baltica project supporters from the European Parliament, discussions were held based on the RB Rail AS provided update on project progress, challenges, and further implementation strategy to reach the main goal and fulfill commitment by bridging a missing transport link by 2030. Additionally, an exchange of views on joint support and facilitation opportunities for the project took place, regarding the available EU funding during the current multi-year financing period and beyond.

“Despite challenges, Rail Baltica project is progressing accordingly to ensure the completion of a functioning railway line connecting the Baltic States with Poland by 2030. Clear evidence is seen through ongoing construction works in all three countries and the number of procurements in progress, soon to be launched for the construction of relevant sections of the Rail Baltica mainline. EU partners' support is more than essential and inevitable in relation to the architecture of the next fiscal framework and priorities for transport infrastructure development within it,” said Marko Kivila, interim CEO and Chairman of the Management Board at RB Rail AS.