The 5 Most Technologically Advanced Identity Verification Methods

  • 2021-06-17

Protecting your identity online has become much more challenging these days as hackers look for new ways around verification technology. As a result, billions of dollars have been lost every year due to online scams and identities stolen to take out personal loans, purchase goods or services, and empty savings accounts.

While it might seem annoying to update your password regularly or click on the photos featuring cars before accessing your account, these identity verification methods are designed to stop criminals from stealing your personal details. 

Thankfully, there are some pretty technologically advanced methods that are more secure than simply adding an exclamation point to the end of your password. Here are some of the most advanced ones that are currently available.

Biometric Verification

One of the most technologically advanced identity verification methods requires the use of your physical characteristics. It could be your iris, your fingerprint, your entire face, or just your voice. 

This technology is beneficial as it means you don’t need to remember a password or answer any questions to prove you are who you say you are. However, it generally only works in physical locations.

Two-Factor Authentication

You might already be familiar with this type of identity verification method. Two-factor authentication sends a code to your email address or mobile phone. This ensures that only the person with access to these accounts or devices is being identified.

It’s also useful to identify customer’s ages. For example, if someone is opening a bank account or playing at the Boost Casino Estonia, then they need to be of legal age. This can be verified using two-factor authentication methods.

Credit Bureau Authentication

It’s surprising how much information credit bureaus capture. While it might seem scary, it can actually be quite beneficial in identifying an individual, especially when it comes to lending money or opening certain types of accounts.

However, the information is only limited to people who have a credit history. This can be detrimental to younger people or immigrants. Fortunately, they are able to use other methods to identify themselves.

Online Verification

An authentication method that has seen some recent advancements is online verification. It uses a combination of AI software and human interaction to determine the identity of the individual.

It requires you to hold up a form of identity such as a driver’s license or passport and have your photo taken. The software then performs a check to ensure they’re identical, and a person will provide confirmation based on the accuracy rating.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

This identity verification method has been around for some time but continues to be utilized today. In these situations, you’ll be required to answer a series of security questions to confirm who you are. When you set up the account, you would have responded to these questions.

Some of the most common include “What was your first pet’s name” or “What is your mother’s maiden name.” Generally, the more questions you have to answer, the more secure the website is. You just need to ensure you select questions you’ll never forget the answers to.