Test in Tallinn: the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs, innovators and technology providers

  • 2023-08-01

The capital of Estonia has become a beacon of innovation and technological progress, attracting entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech providers from all over the world. In its European Green Capital year, Tallinn has launched the Test in Tallinn program. The initiative invites start-ups and companies to come and test their technologies in the city, with the promise of support, and access to a network of partners and mentors.

The Test in Tallinn program is unique because it offers businesses the chance to test their technologies in a live environment. The program provides access to various testing sites, from roads and streets to buildings, and connects businesses with the right people to help them navigate the testing process. Businesses can use this to accelerate the process of developing new solutions and valuable references for scaling up their businesses.

One of the main benefits of the Test in Tallinn program is the city's advanced infrastructure and digital ecosystem. Tallinn is known for its e-government system, which allows citizens to access public services online. The city is also home to a number of cutting-edge start-ups and established companies in the technology sector, providing a thriving ecosystem for businesses to test their products and services – Bolt, Veriff and Skype – just to name a few!

The Test in Tallinn program is open to businesses and entrepreneurs working in various fields, including mobility, health-tech, fin-tech and energy. The program is especially suitable for businesses looking to test smart mobility, green energy and energy efficiency solutions and other innovative technologies that require a live environment to test.

To participate in the Test in Tallinn program, just apply online and provide a detailed description of the technology, its potential impact, and the testing requirements. If selected, businesses will be matched with suitable test sites and provided with support to navigate the testing process.

The program offers access to advanced infrastructure and a thriving ecosystem, providing businesses with the support they need to succeed. Think globally and Test in Tallinn!