Telemedicine company successfully tests remote eye screening tests

  • 2020-03-25
  • TBT Staff

Telemedicine company Smart Vision, which offers to order glasses remotely using 3D technology, has successfully performed remote eye screening tests in Riga, using the most advanced technological capabilities of telemedicine.

“Naturally, coronavirus has also influenced the rhythm of our work, but at the same time it was a contributing factor for us to find out more quickly how remote eye screening tests work in practice. And the results are heartening: eye screening testing can be carried out in the same quality as if optometrist is beside you. During the test, our optometrist worked from home, while the client was in optometrist’s office in our showroom-type shop, and remote eye screening was successfully conducted with the help of a consultant, and optometrist consulted on the results and the recommended solution,” says Ieva Beilina, CEO of Smart Vision.

In this way, we can provide optometrists with work from home, and at a time when we have several stores, we will be able to provide visual eye screening to customers in different shops in this innovative way. The remote eye-screening equipment is supplied to us by the South Korean company Huvitz, which is one of the leaders of this field in the world. So far only large optics companies were able to offer eye screening services remotelly, the new generation of 5G mobile services offers us a completely new telemedicine capability and now remote eye-screening have become a reality in Latvia too,” says I. Beilina.

Smart Vision currently offers vision testing for all customers free of charge.

With the help of 3D technology, Smart Vision has made it possible to try to fit eyeglass frames virtually using smart shopping, as well as to find the most suitable lenses and choose the most suitable lens coatings on platform. Smart Vision as the only one on the market offers a new service to customers – the option of getting the four glasses selected to choose the right ones within a week. The export of the services from Riga is planned to be carried out in the Scandinavian and Polish markets.

“We see that, at a time when many have gone to work outside Riga and social separation has to be respected, the number of visits to our web platform has increased and more than everyday customers are using an augmented reality virtual eyewear matching service, making it possible for anyone interested in the Internet environment to try and choose the most suitable eyewear frames for their facial features,” says CEO of Smart Vision.

This innovative platform for telemedicine services was created by the Lithuanian startup Vision Technologies. The Lithuanian-based start-up company has chosen Riga as its base for the development of the platform. The Smart Vision business plan and strategic vision for systematically increasing sales and developing business outside the region's borders attracted the attention of the managers of the Open Circle venture capital fund.