Telemedicine company boosts eyewear online sales

  • 2019-08-30
  • TBT Staff

The telemedicine company “Smart Vision” that has started to work in Latvia a few months ago, offering to order glasses remotely using 3D technology, announces that the during first two months more than one third of sales was online.

35% of Smart Vision sales were made online using smart shopping on platform and 65% of eyewear was bought traditionally – in the show-room type store. “Some may have thought that selling glasses online was a quite crazy business idea, which is why we are particularly proud and happy to have so many brave clients who have been willing to try new experiences, fit eyeglass frames virtually with the help of 3D technology and buy glasses remotely. We will not stop at what has been achieved – our goal is to reach 50% of sales online after the first six months,” says Ieva Beilina, CEO of Smart Vision.

The telemedicine company has conducted a customer survey to find out the reasons why spectacles have been purchased remotely, how good this new online purchase experience has been, and why, however, it is necessary to visit the store in person. “Customer survey data reveals that some customers who have purchased glasses remotely are not residents of Riga, but live outside the capital. They admit it's a great service for the residents of the regions. Few customers mentioned that they bought online because of price to take less risk in case glasses won't be like they imagined, but overall customers are happy with offered frame range and quality of glasses, but they do not risk in any case, all customer are covered by 30 days return policy” cheerfully points out I. Beilina.

“Number one reason why customers come to us at the show-room store – because they don't have a prescription. On the other hand, for those who have a prescription, all the necessary data can be indicated in the online system. Those without a prescription apply for free visual testing at our optometrist. The tests are carried out using the best quality visual testing technique available in Latvia,” indicates I. Beilina.

“The second most commonly mentioned reason for visiting a shop on site is the need to take precise measurements in order to produce high quality personalized multifocal glasses. But also in this case the spectacles can be selected online with 3D technology, and you can also calculate the price of glasses,” explains CEO of Smart Vision. She ads that there are still some customers who are not sure whether the frame will fit and suit. “Please, try out 3D technology and try to fit eyeglass frames virtually. Also a great opportunity is service “Home try on” and return within 30 days. We're providing free delivery,” encourages I. Beilina.

At the end of the year, the company plans to start providing remote eye screening within its network of stores with the most advanced telemedicine technologies.

With the help of 3D technology, Smart Vision has made it possible to try to fit eyeglass frames virtually using smart shopping, as well as to find the most suitable lenses and choose the most suitable lens coatings on platform. Smart Vision as the only one on the market offers a new service to customers – the option of getting the four glasses selected to choose the right ones within a week. There is no extra charge for the delivery and return of the glasses to the customer.

This innovative platform for telemedicine services was created a year ago by the Lithuanian startup Vision Technologies. Last autumn, Vision Technologies attracted an investment of EUR 200,000 for the creation and development of its system from the venture capital fund Open Circle Capital. The startup also secured an additional EUR 400,000 this spring. The Lithuanian-based start-up company has chosen Riga as its base for the development of the platform. The Smart Vision business plan and strategic vision for systematically increasing sales and developing business outside the region's borders attracted the attention of the managers of the Open Circle venture capital fund.