TDF commanders from Baltic Sea Region gather in Lithuania

  • 2022-04-13
  • LETA/BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS - The Territorial Defense Force (TDF) commanders from the Baltic Sea region arrived in Lithuania on Wednesday, the Lithuanian army said.

The commanders and representatives of the Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian TDFs are participating in the SCANBAL 2022, a conference of the TDFs of the Baltic Sea region, organized by the Lithuanian Armed Forces' National Defense Volunteer Force.

Conference participants will introduce their forces and discuss further plans for mutual cooperation, the Lithuanian army said.

"In the context of today's geopolitical situation, the long-standing cooperation among the TDFs of the Baltic Sea region countries demonstrates the continuous commitment of the TDFs of the participating countries to work closely together, not only to share what they have gained, but also to take part in joint military training exercises and drills, as well as to participate in joint events," said Colonel Linas Kubilius, commander of Lithuania's National Defense Volunteer Force.

The National Defense Volunteer Force trains volunteer soldiers for armed defense of Lithuania's land territory, provides support to the host country, participates in international operations, provides assistance to other state and municipal institutions, and carries out other functions.

The force has approximately 5,200 volunteer soldiers.