Tartu 2024 takes Latvians to the forest with its Wild Bits technological art exhibition

  • 2023-08-04

This Sunday, the European Capital of Culture, Tartu 2024, and its technological art flagship project Wild Bits will arrive at the satellite exhibition in Savvaļa Art Park in Latvia. The artists’ undertaking will culminate next summer with a large-scale outdoor exhibition in Southern Estonia, at Maajaam near Otepää. This is one of the Capital of Culture’s signature projects.

“In Savvaļa, visitors can see three Wild Bits works created specifically for the exhibition by artists Anna Tamm & Vinzenz Leutenegger (EE/CH), Jeanne Harignordoquy (FR) and Uģis Albiņš (LV). These works are quite different in nature – the artists have drawn inspiration from both clay and sacred groves,” explains the exhibition organiser, Mari-Liis Rebane.

She points out Jeanne Harignordoquy’s work as the exhibition highlight: “Among the artist trio’s creations, the most technological is an installation in the shape of a wind sock that plays radio stations from different parts of the world depending on the wind speed and direction. There’s plenty to see and experience ahead of the Capital of Culture’s title year,” Rebane says.

Estonian artist Anna Tamm and Swiss artist Vinzenz Leutenegger have taken an investigative approach to their work and visited various sacred sites and observed sacred trees. The piece arriving in Savvaļa is inspired, in part, by Piltiņkalns, the local sacred mountain. Latvian artist Uģis Albiņš’s piece is a peculiar antenna created using 3D-printed clay.

On Sunday, 6 August, at 12:00, the facilitators of Maajaam would like to invite all art enthusiasts to the opening of the joint exhibition of Savvaļa and Wild Bits, which takes place in the middle of the forest at coordinates 57.21817991963401, 25.972680806102684. Guests are welcome to a curator’s tour and conversation led by participants in the Latvian Academy of Art’s curatorial summer school. Afterwards, a communal lunch will be prepared, followed by a sauna. There is also an opportunity to explore previous Savvaļa outdoor exhibition works.

The organisers have arranged an art bus for the opening, which will transport everyone interested to Savvaļa. The bus departs from Tartu at 10.00 am and will bring the art enthusiasts back to Tartu at 7.30 pm. Reserve a bus ticket here: https://tinyurl.com/savvala

The Wild Bits exhibition in Savvaļa is open until 30 August. The satellite exhibition and its opening event are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Latvian Cultural Capital foundation, Vidzeme County and Labietis Brewery. It is a project under the main programme of the European Capital of Culture, Tartu 2024, and is organised by Maajaam technology and art farm.

Savvaļa is a place set in the natural landscape of Northern Latvian, an outdoor exhibition and a series of events aimed at reinterpreting the relationship between both humans and nature, and tradition and modernity. Savvaļa was founded in 2020 by Latvian painter Andris Eglītis, and, since its opening, over 20 landscape art pieces, sculptures and installations have been created and placed in the midst of this untouched nature. Estonian artists who have previously created works for Savvaļa include Kristi Kongi and Flo Kasearu, in collaboration with Elīna Vītola.