Tallinn to invest EUR 50 mln in urban green spaces next year

  • 2022-12-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Next year's draft Tallinn city budget foresees over 50 million euros for operating expenditure and investments in the area of environment and environmental protection.

In addition to the activities related to the European Green Capital, for example, the improvement of parks and green spaces will continue as an important part of creating a high quality urban space, spokespeople for the city government said.

"The development of green spaces has always been a priority for Tallinn as the Capital of Green Spaces. In the new year, we will continue to make a major contribution to ensuring that the urban landscape is diverse and offers exciting activities for all ages in Tallinn. Among the most important sites, the linear parks Putukavail (Pollinator Highway) and Klindipark (Klint Park), which run through several districts, deserve a mention, but we will also pay attention to the development of smaller green spaces, dog parks, sports and playgrounds," Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said.

More than 50 different initiatives, projects and activities are planned to promote and support Tallinn's green transition and the realization of the city's environmental and climate goals, to introduce green management principles into the city's organization, to raise people's environmental awareness, to bring green innovation to Tallinn and to strengthen cooperation between the city, different civil organizations, universities and businesses.

In 2023, activities will also continue in a number of externally-funded projects focusing on mitigating the negative environmental impacts of urban traffic, climate strategies, the circular economy and coastal habitat restoration.

Investment of 18.4 million euros is planned in the area of waste management and environmental protection. A major priority will be the improvement of parks and green spaces, with a total budget of over 4.4 million euros. The largest projects are the reconstruction of the Poolamae-Tiigiveski park complex, the improvement of the shore area of Harku lake, the creation of the Jewish cemetery park and the construction of Putukavail. Next year, the design and preparatory activities will start for the construction of Klindipark from Tartu Road to the Pirita riverfront, Jarveotsa promenade with a market and exhibition area and Kass August promenade on Kopli Street.

In Kadriorg Park, the establishment of a herb garden will start in 2023 and the walking paths of the park will be restored. A commercial building will also be completed at 34a L. Koidula Street. A total of almost 3.3 million euros has been earmarked for investments in Kadriorg Park in the draft city budget.

Around 3.6 million euros has been earmarked in next year's budget for the construction and renovation of children's playgrounds. The largest are the Seli forest family playground, the Raagu Park family playground and the 22a Oismae Street family playground. In addition, the family playground on Tornide valjak (Tower Square) will be renovated. The playgrounds in Vana-Kalamaja and Karjamaa parks will also be renovated. New playgrounds will be built on the 3a Angerja Street property and on the green areas of Jugapuu Street and Lukati Street. The playgrounds will focus on play areas for children with special needs.

Investment in the capital's cemeteries will also continue. For example, cemetery roads, water and sewerage pipes, fences and gates will be built or renovated, with 900,000 euros planned for the construction works.

The renovation of Tondimoisa Park and the dog park at 40 Jarveotsa Road will cost approximately 350,000 euros.

Tallinn's 2023 city budget has to be approved by the city council. The draft city budget submitted to the council totals 1.14 billion euros, which is 66.5 million euros or 6.2 percent more than the 2022 revised budget.