Tallinn to continue public transport network upgrades this year

  • 2024-01-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The city of Tallinn is planning several updates to its public transport network this year, aiming to create more convenient connections between different districts and offer better transfer options.

These changes are expected to be implemented in the second half of the year, the city government said.

The Tallinn Transport Department is planning all changes based on data. This includes information from passenger counters installed on buses, which show the number of passengers entering and exiting at each stop, and data from ticket validations. The changes are designed using the city's transport model, which utilizes various data sets to consider different modes and needs of transportation. An external expert will also audit the proposed changes to identify potential issues.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said that the Tallinn Transport Department will continue modernizing the network in 2024, with several new bus lines expected to be introduced in the latter half of the year.

"Public transport is an integrated system, and to meet passengers’ needs and attract more people to public transport, we will continue with our network reform this year. We will present more detailed plans to the public around April-May and look forward to the feedback. The new lines are expected to start operating in the second half of the year," Svet added.

"Last summer’s changes encompassed the entire city, but were focused mainly on Pirita and Lasnamae. Next, we will turn our attention more towards the areas of Tallinn west of the city center. The details are not yet finalized, but improving the connection between North Tallinn and Haabersti and diversifying public transport options for Astangu and Tiskre are certainly priorities," he said.

Tallinn is upgrading its public transport network in phases, allowing people to gradually adapt to the changes. The upgrade also depends on infrastructure, as new traffic hubs and adjustments to the locations of public transport stops are needed to facilitate more convenient transfers.

The network upgrade began in the summer of 2023, when nine bus lines were merged into four new lines, and some routes were slightly altered.