Tallinn’s T1 Center has invested nearly €10m in the turnaround

  • 2023-09-18

Several sports and recreational clubs were opened today in the T1 Center in Tallinn, to mark the completion of the first stage of the renovation works on the center’s third floor. To date, T1 has invested nearly 10 million euros in the implementation of the center’s new concept.

"The third floor of T1 is undergoing a major and strategic change. The rental spaces and common areas will get a completely new look, function, and content on a total of 16,000 square meters, which by space stands for almost a fifth of the T1 Center. From now on, the focus of the third floor will be on health services and medical clinics, sports, and hobby activities, as well as beauty and wellness services, which perfectly complement the trade and entertainment side of the center," said Tarmo Hõbe, CEO of T1, in a press release.

In several sports clubs on the third floor, both top athletes and hobby athletes of different ages can find suitable activities. Le Glaive fencing club, which was founded by the acclaimed athlete and trainer Nikolai Novosjolov and has the Olympic champion Katrina Lehis as a member, operates in the Alexela fencing hall. On the third floor are also the sports club Kontakt for wrestling and boxing, the capoeira club Arte do Brasil - Capoeira Estonia, the dance clubs LifeDance Stuudio and D7, and Ronimisministeerium, which offers bouldering experiences. The aerial acrobatics club Muse Stuudio is preparing for the opening.

In the future, more than 15 different sports can be practiced on the third floor of T1. In addition, the Estonian Sexual Health Association, the Sexual Health Clinic and the Eating Disorders Association provide health services on the third floor, the family restaurant Pann ja Kook, the children's hairdresser Juuksik and many other businesses are located there.

Considering the needs of sports clubs, several washrooms were built on the floor. The architectural solution of the third floor was developed by KOKO Architects and Novarc, and construction work was carried out by Tallinna Ehitustrust OÜ.

According to Hõbe, sports clubs are a perfect fit for T1, because it makes life easier for parents. "For example, if a parent brings a smaller child to exercise for 1-1.5 hours, the parent can spend time in the center, make necessary purchases in the supermarket, attend a training session or visit beauty services. The parent doesn't have to travel back and forth, and it also saves a lot of time when there are several children in the family who pursue different fields of sports," Hõbe added.

On the trade side, T1 focuses on outlets

The new concept of T1 unites trade, services, entertainment, and attractive office spaces in one of Tallinn's busiest and rapidly developing areas. In trade, T1 has focused on the outlets located on the first two floors of the center. "Efforts are now bearing first fruit, because in a short time, eleven outlets have already opened in T1, sports clubs have started, and as a new niche, the selection of healthcare services is growing," noted Hõbe.

Of outlets, Rademar, Denim Dream, Sportland, Sportplus, Salamander, Upgreat, Pere Optika, Domenica, NS King Bonus, HC Pro operate in T1, and most recently, Ideaal Kosmeetika +Outlet opened its doors too.

All the conceptual and functional changes have already brought good results, as T1’s visitor numbers now regularly exceed 300,000 people per month and 10,000 people per day, reaching over 15,000 people on weekends. In August 2023, T1's attendance was the highest since December 2019.

T1 Center

The T1 Center was opened in 2018, and from the beginning of 2022, the owner and operator of the center is the investment company Lintgen OÜ. The T1 center, located next to the planned Rail Baltica Linda terminal, has about 56,000 square meters of rental space, and there are a total of nearly 1,000 spaces in the underground and multistoried parking lots. The building's anchor tenants are Selver, Super Skypark and Cinamon. The new center is developing an outlet concept on the trade side and will offer more entertainment, leisure and sports activities, and health and beauty services. T1 is a member of the Estonian Traders Association and of the Association of Real Estate Companies in Estonia.