Tallinn launches new support for live music venues

  • 2022-07-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - From Monday, July 11, small and medium-sized live music clubs in Tallinn can apply for programming grant for the autumn winter season of 2022, all indoor concert venues that organize regular concerts and can accommodate up to 1,000 people are eligible to apply.

Kaarel Oja, Tallinn deputy mayor for culture, said that the support measure is intended for permanent concert venues that both run the venue and organize an in-house music program.

"Live music clubs play a very important role in our musical life, and it is their continued activity that helps to keep the music scene constantly evolving and diverse. With the autumn winter programming grant, we want to give them the confidence to create an even bolder and more well-timbered program," said Oja. "In addition to singular events, it is also important to support sustained activity in the music sector in general, and piloting such a support measure is a step in this direction."

When applying for the grant, the venue operator will have to submit its planned program for the period Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022. The grant will be awarded up to 25 percent of the program costs, up to a total of 15,000  euros per applicant. Eligible costs include staff costs, such as program manager's salary, musicians' fees, transport and accommodation costs, the hire and installation of stage, sound, lighting and video equipment, and marketing and communication costs.

To apply for the grant, the venue operator must coordinate with the Tallinn municipal police department, the relevant district government and the Police and Border Guard Board, and comply with recommendations and regulations aimed at ensuring public order, such as providing information about its activities, avoiding noise problems, ensuring security, and so on.

The budget for the support measure in 2022 is 100,000 euros. The call for applications for support for live music venues is open from July 11, until Aug. 8. The grant commission will deliberate by the end of August.