Tallinn launched the Sustainability Governance Peer Learning Hub at Urban Future conference

  • 2023-06-26

At Urban Future conference Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023 was focusing on implementation methods of climate measures and sustainable development goals and the announcement of the Sustainability Governance Peer Learning Hub.

The European Green Capital 2023 organized a session on "Consensus-building and leadership around shared goals  - how to create a new culture of city governance" at the Urban Future conference in Stuttgart to map and accelerate the much-needed changes in sustainability governance. The seminar will present how sustainable development goals can create a framework for management and consensus around common goals, based on the experience of cities, and an international hub for sustainable management was announced.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vladimir Svet, Urban Future is not an event where only success stories are shared. "We also talk a lot about failures here, which is important for making changes," he said. "Knowing how to better involve cities, what changes in city management would be needed to support more sustainable development, comes through successes, but above all through failures," concluded Svet.

"Tallinn creates an international sustainable management cooperation platform that gathers best practices, knowledge and experience and offers other interested European cities its integrated sustainable development action plan and model for implementation in their conditions," said Krista Kampus, head of Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023.

Kampus added that uneven progress on UN SDGs shows that we are missing a holistic approach. “We need to change government structures to be able to deliver on the UN SDG goals, because current ways of thinking and making desicisions are incompatible with sustainability,” she added.

The session showcased how the SDGs can provide a framework for leadership and consensus-building around shared goals, drawing on cities’ experiences. It introduced the process of “Humble governance” as an iterative way of building sustainability leadership, improving action towards shared goals.

As the European Green Capital 2023, the City of Tallinn strives to bring together cities, experts and organisations working on ways to strengthen “governance” for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Governance in this context encompasses the structures, processes and holistic dialogue within cities and communities that enable transformation in society.