Tallinn joined the European Union's mission on adaptation to climate change

  • 2023-03-09

TALLINN – European Green Capital 2023 joined the EU’s mission on adaptation to climate change, the main goal of which is to support at least 150 European regions and communities in increasing their resilience to climate change by 2030.

"Tallinn's goal is to be able to adapt to climate change by 2030. By participating in the mission, we want to promote local-level opportunities for climate change adaptation and involve citizens in decision-making processes. In addition, we actively encourage the public and private sectors to invest in green technology," said the Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart.

The European Commission assessed Tallinn's commitment to the implementation of climate change adaptation measures, including the city's previous and ongoing activities, and readiness for future initiatives. These activities were approved, and Tallinn was invited to sign the mission's charter.

"For example, Tallinn participates in the project KNOWING with a pilot in Väike-Õismäe area (Haabersti districs), where the most suitable heat wave mitigation methods for the region are developed. Nature-based rainwater solutions are being adapted in the Trummi area in the district of Nõmme. The development of split-flow stormwater solutions continues. A green factor tool that contributes to the quality of green infrastructure in city development and planning is being implemented. The restoration of the Pääsküla bog, which has become forested because of human activity, is starting," Tuuli Veersalu, an analyst at Tallinn Strategy Center's Green Transition office listed some of the projects Tallinn is currently working on.

Joining the mission of adapting to climate change gives Tallinn a good opportunity to participate in discussions to exchange experiences and knowledge with other cities. In addition, it gives access to a platform which gathers information about financing measures and is helpful in finding suitable methods for assessing the municipality's climate risks, etc. Among Estonian local governments, the city of Pärnu, the city of Rakvere, the city of Saue, the city of Tartu and Viimsi parish have also joined the mission.

Tallinn has been dealing with climate change adaptation since 2009, when it joined the EU Mayors' Climate and Energy Pact. In 2015 Tallinn joined the "Mayors Adapt" movement, with which the city accepted the commitment to reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. The action plan for achieving this goal is written into the Tallinn climate plan adopted in 2021. The development strategy "Tallinn 2035" sets the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The EU missions are a complement to the Horizon Europe research and innovation program for the years 2021-2027 and their purpose is to help solve important societal problems, including climate change adaptation.

Additional information: Tuuli Veersalu, Tallinn Strategy Center, [email protected]

You can find more information about the EU’s mission on adaptation to climate change here.