Tallinn greeted first students at newly opened Ukrainian School

  • 2022-04-12

Ukrainian School’s first school day in Kristiine District

Yesterday, Tallinn Vice Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev and the Head of the centrally located Kristiine District Administration Jaanus Riibe paid a visit to newly founded Ukrainian School of Tallinn in order to welcome the new students, and reassure that the capital will provide the school with everything that is needed for regular work.

Tallinn Lilleküla Gymnasium welcomed its first 67 Ukrainian students on 6. April in Räägu 49, in the former premises of Tallinn University. The daily work will take place in the form of hobby clubs and instructed leisure activities until the end of this scholastic year. Riga already has an Ukrainian school, the newly opened school in Tallinn is currently planned for up to 200 students to be provided education to.

„The new school will embrace studies with assisted psychological support if needed, as well as study aid provided in mother tongue. The schoolwork will take place to the extent of 60% in Estonian language and 40% in Ukrainian language, “ Riibe explained on the site. There are also classrooms designated for distant online learning, where Ukrainian students already participate, he added on the first school day.