Tallinn Digital Summit to focus on trusted partnership

  • 2022-10-06
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The international conference Tallinn Digital Summit will be held at the Tallinn Creative Hub on Oct. 10 and 11, the main theme of which is the implementation of trusted connectivity through trusted partnerships.

Tallinn Digital Summit will look at the role of trusted connectivity and trusted partnerships regarding topics such as global stability, energy, economic and cyber security, digital policy, international standards, artificial intelligence, clouds and satellites, digital public goods and Web 3.0, as well as their role in building a free and democratic Ukraine.

The aim of the summit is to create bridges between various connectivity initiatives and to discuss what constitutes a trustworthy and secure digital society. The goal is also to reach concrete measures that governments, financial institutions, international organizations, technology experts and the private sector should implement to ensure that Estonia's digital future promotes human freedoms, human dignity and a rules-based international order.

"Russia's war in Ukraine and the accompanying energy and hybrid war have made it clear that we need to reshape global political and economic relations. This is also a security issue," Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said.

"We need trusted connectivity -- in both the physical and digital worlds. This means clear rules and cooperation with partners with whom we share common values and interests. I am glad that Estonia has many such good partners. The Tallinn Digital Summit is a place where we can set goals," she added.

The opening speech of the conference will be made by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, main speakers include European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Schmidt Futures co-founder and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

This year's Tallinn Digital Summit also includes a virtual EXPO, which started on Sept. 26 and will run until Oct. 31. The EXPO provides a networking platform to bring together decision-makers with companies from around the world and to promote the latest products, services and solutions related to the five main investment priorities of the European Union's "Global Gateway" initiative: digital, climate and energy, transport, health, education and research.