Tallinn Creative Incubator to establish new creative, circular economy center

  • 2021-09-02
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Tallinn Creative Incubator will set up a new creative and circular economy center that integrates circular economy knowledge with entrepreneurship and business models.

The creative and circular economy center will start operating in a historic building located at 3 Poldri Street, spokespeople for the city government said. According to the plan, the Poldri creative and circular economy center will be completed in 2022, and its establishment is part of Tallinn's action plan for running for the title of European Green Capital 2023. In order to find different content for the creative and circular economy center and circular houses, cooperation is underway with the product design students of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu said that the transition to circular economy is an important step in the success of the green turn, which impacts the welfare every Tallinn resident and makes a small contribution to the quality of life of the whole of Estonia, the Baltic Sea region and the whole continent. "Tallinn promotes the transition to a circular economy and the role of the city in this is to create favorable conditions for the implementation of the principles of the circular economy. While waste reduction and waste recycling have been the goal for a long time, a broader understanding of both consumption and entrepreneurship in the context of the circular economy is a new approach. The support organizations of the city of Tallinn, including the incubator, have an important role to play in realizing these ambitions, and the creative and circular economy center will be established to achieve these great goals," Riisalu added.

Anu Lohmus, manager of SA Tallinna Ettevotlusinkubaatorid, said that the European Commission's circular economy action plan makes the circular economy the norm and accelerates the transition to a green economy. "As a result, the Tallinn Creative Incubator needs to focus even more on the issues of the circular economy. We see the need and capacity to become an information and competence center in the field of the circular economy, with an educational, inspiring, empowering and supportive role. The center to be created is a leader in the field as a distributor of new ideas and opportunities, a creator and inspirer of new business models. The main focus is on how to integrate knowledge into entrepreneurship and business models," she said.

SA Tallinna Ettevotlusinkubaatorid, which brings together the Tallinn Creative Incubator and Tallinn Design House, started offering services with a focus on the circular economy in 2020.