Tallinn Botanic Garden's Orchid Exhibition Drew Nearly 10,000 Visitors

  • 2024-03-19

The Tallinn Botanic Garden's orchid exhibition this year attracted a total of 9683 visitors, with 1353 of them opting for e-tickets. The number of people who visited the botanical garden to admire the orchids last year was 7183. There has also been a surge in public interest in the plant kingdom. Last year, nearly 80,000 people visited the Tallinn Botanic Garden, the highest number in its history.

"We are glad to see that although there is ongoing construction that causes certain inconveniences, the number of visitors to the botanic garden has not decreased, but quite the opposite – more and more nature enthusiasts are finding their way to us," said Urve Sinijärv, Director of the Tallinn Botanic Garden. "The Tallinn Botanic Garden offers unique features such as year-round greenery and a sea of flowers. From spring to autumn, visitors can escape the harsh weather by entering a tropical forest and enjoy various plant communities, as well as gardening and landscape architectural techniques.”

The Tallinn Botanic Garden is constantly evolving and renewing. Three years ago, the Palm House and the Rock Garden underwent reconstruction. The construction of the new administrative building of the botanic garden was finalised in 2022. Last year, renovations began on the administrative building to convert it into a visitor centre, which will be opening this year. A new parking lot is still being added. The visitor centre will include a café, souvenir shop, ticket booth and a new seminar room. Office spaces will be located on the second floor of the visitor centre. There have been renovations this year in the Winter Garden and entrance area, which now feature turnstiles and an automatic ticket machine.

The Rock Garden, also known as the Alpine Garden, underwent renovations a few years ago. Last year, extensive renovations began in the botanic garden's rose garden, which will reopen to visitors this summer.

Founded in 1961, the Tallinn Botanic Garden is a research, educational and cultural institution that focuses on the protection and introduction of plants. The Botanic Garden aims to increase awareness about plants and ecology on a larger scale. In addition, the botanic garden's environment offers great opportunities for hosting a variety of events and for simply unwinding. Situated in the Pirita River Valley Landscape Area, this place provides an opportunity to discover cultivated plant collections and the surrounding natural environment, all within city limits.

In total, there are nearly 9000 species of plants in the outdoor areas and greenhouses.

The mission of the Tallinn Botanic Garden is to preserve, develop and introduce rich plant collections and herbaria and carry out research and nature education work to preserve and increase biodiversity. The Tallinn Botanic Garden aims to be an advocate for a modern, environmentally-conscious mindset and the promotion of garden and landscape design.