Tallinn Airport launches self-service bag drop for Air Baltic, SAS passengers

  • 2022-07-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Starting from July 7, all passengers flying with Air Baltic and SAS from Tallinn Airport who have luggage to check-in will be able to register it themselves, allowing them to get airside more quickly.

Katrin Hagel, a member of the airport’s management board, says the introduction of the bag-drop service is a key step in digitizing the airport and making the passenger journey more convenient.

"Everyone is used to checking in online and getting their boarding card on their phone," she said. "But up to this point, passengers with luggage have still had to line up to get their bags checked in for their flights. So we're very happy to be launching the self-service bag drop this month for passengers flying with Air Baltic and SAS, and we’re working hard to add further airlines to that list in 2023," Hagel said.

The bag-drop points are located at desks 1-4 and can be used by passengers who have checked in online.

"Bags can be dropped off up to 24 hours in advance with this system, meaning passengers can bring them to the airport even earlier if they want to," Hagel added.

Hagel says the all-in-one system is very easy to use.

"You start by scanning your boarding card, then you confirm the passenger's name, flight number and destination and that there are no dangerous items in the bag," she explained. "Then the bag is weighed and the machine prints out the luggage tag, which you then have to attach, following the instructions. Once the tag is in place, you confirm this, place the bag on the conveyor belt and scan the barcode on the tag. The conveyor belt then starts up and takes your bag to the sorting area. Finally, the machine issues you with a receipt confirming that your luggage has been registered."

Hagel says similar systems are used in airports all over the world, playing a key role in making the passenger journey quicker and more convenient and thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

"Physical check-in at a desk will still be possible, of course, but airport staff will be happy to show anyone interested in checking their bags in themselves how to go about it," she added.