Tallink Grupp’s vessel Isabelle to undergo regular maintenance in Turku Repair Yard, Finland, prior to returning to Port of Riga after two years of absence

  • 2022-02-11

Tallink Grupp’s vessel Isabelle, which until the start of the pandemic operated on the company’s Riga-Stockholm route, will depart from Tallinn today, on Friday, 11 February 2022, and head to the BLRT Repair Yards’ Turku Ship Repair Yard in Naantali, Finland, for planned regular dry-docking, scheduled from 12 to 25 February 2022. After the technical maintenance works, the vessel will proceed directly to the Port of Riga where she will wait for the re-opening of company’s Riga-Stockholm route in April 2022.

During the planned docking at the Turku Ship Repair Yard, many technical upgrades and necessary underwater hull works will be carried out on the vessel, including replacement of the propulsion shaft seals, maintenance of shell valves, pumps and coolers, replacement of stabilizers’ ball bearings and seals, as well as the installation of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). 

All the planned maintenance works and upgrades will be carried out with the aim of enhancing the comfort and travel experience for the company’s customers ahead of the 2022 spring and summer high season. 

“Isabelle has now been away from its home Port of Riga and regular Riga-Stockholm route for the extended Covid pandemic period since March of 2020. We are excited that following the vessel’s planned docking in Finland, Isabelle can set sail at long-last, for its home port of Riga. Both the vessel and its crew are looking forward to the re-opening of our Riga-Stockholm route just in time for the start of the spring and summer high season, confidently in a good shape for the delight of our Latvian and Swedish customers who can, once again, enjoy the much-missed short cruise breaks on the beautiful Baltic Sea,” captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Head of Ship Management at Tallink Grupp said. 

The company’s vessel Isabelle, suspended from its regular Riga-Stockholm route from 16 March 2020, is scheduled to start operating again between the capital cities of Latvia and Sweden with the first trip from Riga to Stockholm on 6 April 2022, and thereafter departures from Riga and Stockholm every other day.

The very first Tallink Grupp commercial departure from Riga to Stockholm took place 16 years ago, on 6 April 2006, with the company’s vessel Fantaasia.

Tickets to Isabelle’s departures on the Riga-Stockholm route, starting from April, are available to buy on the company’s website at www.tallink.lv and www.tallinksilja.se.