Taiwan plans to invest in Lithuanian children's digital literacy

  • 2023-01-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS - Taiwan plans to invest in Lithuanian children's digital literacy under to a letter of intent signed by representatives of Lithuania's Innovation Agency and Taiwan in Vilnius on Wednesday. The signing was attended by Taiwan's Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang.

"The biggest benefit of such meetings is that they allow us to efficiently identify the areas that seem most promising and attractive to both sides," Economy and Innovation Ausrine Armonaite was quoted as saying in a statement released by her ministry.

The goal is to ensure that all children in Lithuania can acquire digital and IT skills, regardless of gender, location and socio-economic background, the ministry said.

"We can be proud of Lithuania's innovators and the Vedliai (Guides) initiative. It’s a Lithuanian EdTech, a company that helps teachers to teach so that they can acquire the skills to help children use technology in their education. Today, is also a happy day because this Lithuanian company is opening up to the world and Taiwan's fund is investing in this company," Armonaite told a press conference on Wednesday.

The Taiwanese fund will invest 250,000 into the Lithuanian start-up.

"This is a small investment yet, but it's a significant one for the company," Armonaite said.

Speaking at the press conference, Tang stressed the need to empower young people to become creators of digital technology, not just its users.

"Literacy is when you read, when you consume, and competence is when you create, when you make with the world. And we sincerely believe that only when a democratic society empowers younger people, even younger people than 18, to participate fully in the democratic process, to be a civic journalist working with professional journalism, we can create conditions so they can truly become the citizens of the global internet," the Taiwanese minister said.

The letter of intent signed on Wednesday also provides for talent exchanges and internship programs to enable young professionals to gain international experience in leading technology innovation companies.

According to the ministry, Armonaite and Tang also discussed the implementation of joint projects in the areas of digital literacy education, financial technology and innovation in the public sector, and digitization.